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Low Transmission Fluid Symptoms


Ignoring low transmission fluid symptoms in your car can be dangerous and can lead to fatal accidents that can cost life. Transmission fluid serves as a lubricant on the transmission system. Its scarcity can lead to extreme wear out and

Exhaust Leak Symptoms and Repair Cost


Driving with an exhaust that leaks is a cause of risk and negative consequences, as the fumes the system normally filters are extremely toxic due to its high carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and  nitrogen monoxide composition. The vehicle’s exhaust systems

Ceramic vs Organic Brake Pads: Which is Better?

Brake Pads

Your brake pads are a key part of your braking system. And there are different kinds of brake pads. Here, we’ll talk about two: Ceramic and organic. There’s still debate concerning this, but we’ll do our best to present the

White Exhaust Smoke is a Symptom Of..

When it comes to the exhaust system, white smoke coming out from the exhaust pipe can be a red flag that indicates a series of problems may be going on with the vehicle. Therefore, it is important to realize the

What Causes CV Joint Noise and What’s the Replacement Cost?

Your CV joints (constant velocity joints) are integral to the transfer of power from your transmission to the wheels of your front-wheel or all-wheel drive vehicle. CV joint noise is a common indicator that you have a bad joint. There

What’s the Best High Mileage Oil for Your Car?

castrol high milage oil

Unless you happen to be one of the most meticulous car owners on the planet, sooner or later your engine will show signs of wear that need to be dealt with. As your car starts getting beyond 75,000 miles, this

What Causes a Grinding Noise When Braking?

There are times when your car tends to make a grinding noise when you brake. If that happens, keep an eye on it as it might be a warning sign, telling you that the brake pads are worn out or the

What is an Intermediate Shaft and How Does It Help Your Vehicle

Intermediate Shaft

The intermediate steering shaft, is what helps to connect the steering wheel with the steering gearbox or rack and pinion in many lightweight cars. The motor intermediate shaft is the torque steer replacement. It is placed across the tranny and

What are Car Gear Rear End Ratios All About?

rear end gear

When it comes to gear ratios in automobiles, these are normally used in the transmission and the drive axle. Its main function is to multiply power, as when all ratios are multiplied the final drive ratio is calculated. Regardless of

Wheel Alignment Basics: How to Identify Negative or Positive Camber Issues

wheel camber

Wheel alignment technology is continuously evolving and introducing new models of vehicles, engines, transmissions, transaxles, steering and electronic suspensions. Nowadays, two-wheel alignment is no longer a thing and four-wheel alignment is being incorporated in many of the new models, thus

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