7 Important Safety Checks to Make Before You Drive Off into the Sunset (Or Anywhere Else!)

7 Important Safety Checks to Make Before You Drive Off into the Sunset (Or Anywhere Else!)

Road safety is probably not something that is at the forefront of your mind every time you enter your vehicle. You may be so used to everything going normally that you don’t consider the risks that come with driving. But the reality is that a breakdown or accident can happen at any time, due to factors completely out of your control. No car is perfect and you need to stay in control of the situation. The solution: smart service habits

So, when last have you performed the important safety checks on your vehicle?

It doesn’t matter if your vehicle is brand new or a classic vintage sports car, it’s important to do regular safety checks. It’s the only way to make sure you spot small issues that could turn into a major breakdown at the worst possible time. Here are 7 important safety checks that must become a habit.

The 7 Vital Checks You Need to Do Often

1.     Obstructions

Before you enter your vehicle you should check your surroundings for obstructions, even underneath the car. Can these obstructions be removed or is there a way to drive around them? Your vision is limited when seated inside the car which is why we recommend performing an obstruction check before you get in.

2.     Tires

Your car’s tires are like a pair of shoes. And just like shoes, they can become worn out. Check your tires for flats and the tread depth. Thankfully tires have wear indicators on them which can be used for quick checking. Legally, the depth of your tires must be 2/32″ or more. Take steps to prolong the lifespan of your tires for your own safety.

3. Exterior Condition

What is the condition of your vehicle’s bumpers, lights and doors? Check for a loose bumper that is at risk of breaking off as you start driving. All lights must be in working order and all doors must be able to close & lock without a problem.

4.     Sightlines

While you sit in the driver seat, have a look at all your windows. Are there chips or cracks that prevent you from seeing properly? Chips and cracks on your windscreen have a tendency to become more serious when not attended to straightaway.

When your view is obstructed by your windscreen issues you must consider the quality auto glass repair Victoria and other cities & suburbs are fast becoming known for. Remember that plenty of state laws require drivers to have no obstructions in their view when driving, so attend to any chips or cracks with haste.

5.     Positioning

The driver seat needs to be adjusted according to your build and you must be able to reach all the pedals effortlessly without a struggle. Your mirrors must be adjusted accordingly and be in position to give you views on all sides of the vehicle.

6.     Seatbelt

Safety first! So put on that seatbelt. Your seatbelt must be in working condition. Train your mind to subconsciously take note of any damage on your seatbelt that compromises its effectiveness. If you find it’s starting to fray, you can get a replacement before it loses its efficiency. Check for tears, worn edges and ensure that it clips into the holster without effort.

7.     Engine

As you start your car you must hear the engine run. Are you familiar with what your vehicle sounds like when it’s functioning efficiently? Any deviance is a sign that there are problems and you need to have it checked out.

A Word on Major Services

Once you’re in the habit of checking your car daily and especially before any long trip, another factor to always consider is the general upkeep of your car. How diligent are you in taking your car for its needed services according to the manufacturer’s advice?

The Advantages of Servicing Your Car

Servicing your car can be seen as a tick box exercise that many would rather not do, but it can save your life, prolong the lifespan of your car and save money in the long run.

Boosting your safety and preventing malfunctions are the main results for servicing your car but it also adds to its lifespan. A car with a full service history will run longer on the road with fewer issues than a car that only sees servicing once in a blue moon. In the long run, you get to keep your beloved car for longer or you’ll get a better price once it’s time to sell it.

Here’s something you may not have considered: peace of mind about your car will ensure you’re not worried about whether you’ll make it to your destination. This can make you a better, more responsive driver.

And let’s not forget you want to make good memories, not ones where you’re stuck on the side of the road!

Be an Expert – What Needs to be Serviced?

When you’re talking to a car service vendor, know your facts so you don’t pay for unnecessary items or get swindled into paying for a service that doesn’t really benefit your car.

The Basics

Essential checks are done on your car making sure that it is running at its optimal level. This usually includes:

These are to make sure that you’re driving a safe, roadworthy car.

The Engine Checks

The heart of a car, the engine, is also given a proper inspection. Have your engine’s running capacity assessed so you know you will always make it back home.

When to Service Your Car

How often you need to service your car will be based on the model and brand of car you drive:

  • Most new car models have a built-in system that tells you when your car is due for its next service. This notice will pop up on your dashboard as a message or an icon.
  • Alternatively, have a look at your service book where it should be noted.
  • You can also have a chat with the team of mechanics who did your last service, to determine when you’re due for the next one.

Final Words

Proper servicing and checking your vehicle for every single trip may sound tedious but it can save your life.

Small problems on your vehicle can lead to accidents or property damage so caring for your vehicle ensures your safety and the safety of others. It’s an investment for all concerned!




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