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Safety Precautions That Every Auto Mechanic Should Adhere To


It takes more than skill and experience to be a great auto mechanic. Working with hazardous chemicals, dangerous tools, and heavy machinery day in and day out means you need a great deal of common sense, as well as a

3 DIY Legends For Auto Hail Repair Demystified For Amateurs Looking For Faster And Efficient Repairs.

car hail damage

One of the persisting problems during the winters is the onset of hailstorms after regular intervals. These hailstorms can be quite harmful, because the hailstones can cause persistent damage to the objects that are left out in the open. When

How To Solve Common Range Rover Engine Problems

The Common Problems in Range Rover Engines and how to solve them You’d probably get goose bumps all over your body after hearing the name “Range Rover”. No ifs, and, or buts about it. It took you just 30 seconds

Map Sensor Symptoms & Replacement Cost

Map Sensor

Your car engine will never run unless air, fuel and a spark come together to make the ignition process happen. Today’s engines function under the same basic principle, it’s just that they are more complex, requiring sophisticated measuring of different

4 Symptoms of a Bad Camshaft Sensor & Typical Replacement Cost

camshaft sensor

The camshaft sensor, not to be confused with the crankshaft sensor, is an electrical part that holds a very important role in keeping your engine running right. You can find this part either behind    the cylinder head, or attached

5 Reasons the Engine Cranks but Car Won’t Start

car battery

There are few things that are more frustrating than running out to the car, turning the key, and you hear the engine cranking – but it won’t start. In the big picture, there could be countless reasons why this is

6 Symptoms of a Bad Torque Converter and the Average Replacement Cost

Torque Converter

Your torque converter helps your transmission to work properly. In this article, we will help you understand what it is, its role in your vehicle’s operation, six symptoms of torque converter malfunction or failure and the average replacement cost.  

7 Symptoms of a Dirty Air Filter in Your Vehicle

car air filter

Air filters ensure good airflow while guarding your intake manifold as well as your valve train from existing impurities in the air.     Generally, after a year of filtering out those impurities, they will clog and need to be

Causes and Symptoms of Brake Caliper Sticking

Brake Caliper

Your brake calipers and your brake pads are vital to the smooth and safe operation of your braking system. They contain the pistons that, by way of hydraulics, push your brake pads inward toward the spinning rotors to bring your

Low Transmission Fluid Symptoms


Ignoring low transmission fluid symptoms in your car can be dangerous and can lead to fatal accidents that can cost life. Transmission fluid serves as a lubricant on the transmission system. Its scarcity can lead to extreme wear out and

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