Transmission Jacks: 5 Great Choices for Your Home Garage

Transmission Jacks: 5 Great Choices for Your Home Garage

Top 5 Transmission Jacks in 2020

Are you looking for the best transmission jacks on the market in the next year? These are an essential tool for typical DIY vehicle maintenance and servicing. Just like a home garage car lift, having the right jacks on hand can save you a lot of time and hassle. The main use of this tool is to ensure that removing and installing a transmission in a vehicle is an easier and more efficient process. Something to be aware of is that these are heavy-duty tools. Despite this, they are quite a flexible option in that they can be used by either a typical working professional or someone who is more interested in DIY car maintenance.

The transmission is a key part of any vehicle. So, it’s important to have the right tool that will allow you to handle this job correctly. As such, many transmission jacks have several useful features and mechanisms that could be needed.

Another factor to be aware of is that there are different types of transmission jacks. For instance, there are telescopic options, low profile hand tools, hydraulic pressure lifts and high lifts. You might be wondering how to select the right tool for you. Well, you need to weigh up different factors like stability as well as maneuvering. If you do this, you will be able to find the right tool for you. Here is a list of the best transmissions available for you this year.

5 Best Transmission Jacks

ATD 7430 1000 lbs. Telescopic Transmission Jack

If you are looking for a transmission jack that is made to a high-quality level this could be the right choice. You may need to add some fluid but once you do, it will work brilliantly. It is suitable for use, both in the home and a professional environment. It does provide a high level of durability and will continue to function well for years.

The tool is from a reputable brand and as such, you should have no trouble trusting that it will serve you well. It is simple to use and built to a high standard. It’s worth noting that this tool is higher than some of the other options on the market. However, that should not put you off a purchase and it could still fit your needs. The item weighs 161 pounds so it is quite a substantial piece of equipment, but this provides validity to the claim that it is sturdy and built to last.

  • This transmission jack provides a capacity of ½ ton
  • There is both a saddle base as well as a completely expandable area
  • It has quite a flexible range of different heights
  • It does meet the necessary safety standards
  • Built to a high level of quality, this product will remain durable for years.
  • Higher than other options on the market, this ensures it can be suitable for a wider selection of vehicles.


 OTC 5019A 2,200 lb. Capacity Low-Lift Transmission Jack

This product comes with a universal transmission adapter which works well. Made in the US, the transmission jack is built to a high level of standard. It does offer a great level of safety with heavy construction. It also has a low profile making it useful specifically for trucks with low ground clearance. However, it could be beneficial for both large and small applications due to a versatile design that is sure to benefit professional users.

It’s a perfect choice if you’re operating with a limited level of space. This product is going to fit into a wide variety of different workplaces. It also provides high capacity at 2,200lbs. As expected with this design, the maximum height is quite low, providing more evidence that is ideally suited for low-level vehicles. It also offers a degree tilt of 20 degrees back and 15 forwards. It can be used on virtually all class 7 and class 8 trucks as well, so you won’t have to worry about it not matching your specific needs.


  • This option is going to be ideal for vehicles with low levels of ground clearance
  • An innovative design with a swiveling pump ensures it’s perfect for workspaces that are restricted
  • It’s a fast product with a pump that can rapidly lift the arm
  • With a heavy weight, the product provides a quality built and is designed to offer an easy user experience


Manual/Air 1 Ton Hydraulic Transmission Jack Lift Telescopic 2 Stage 2000 LB Cap

You could be looking for an option that provides a range of different choices for both the setup and the use of your transmission jack. If so, then you should think about this option. One of the key benefits is the swivel wheel which ensures that it can be maneuvered to fit around your specific needs. You’ll find that this makes the tool far easier to use and operate, regardless of your setting. However, it will be particularly beneficial to those operating in a professional environment.


It’s also a great option due to the extended load weight. This ultimately means that the transmission jack will be suitable for larger vehicles and a wider range of needs. Once again, this ensures it will be a great choice for the typical mechanic. It’s also worth mentioning that this option has been built to a high standard and the coating is used to ensure that it will remain in great condition regardless of the environment it’s used for.

  • This tool provides a manual and air telescopic transmission, offering a versatile design.
  • It provides both an adjustable saddle as well as a 4-swivel wheel size
  • There is a wide selection in the different heights available while air pressure is between .75 and .85 MPa.
  • The load weight is larger than the previous option at 1 Ton


 Hein-Werner HW93718 Blue Automotive Accessories

If you are looking for an item that is ideally suited for the professional industry, then this is going to be the right choice. It ensures that you will be able to handle transmissions on a wide variety of vehicles including trucks. Bear in mind, this product is not cheap and is one of the most expensive options on this list. However, it could be worth the cost. With this option, you will have a transmission jack that is still going to work like new 25 years after your original purchase. So, it could certainly be worth the investment.

The jack provides a saddle with an adjustable head. This can be adjusted for pan configuration as well as a variety of other possibilities.

  • This transmission is suitable for both car and truck maintenance
  • A higher price for a more flexible option that will suit a variety of different needs
  • Largely designed for the professional market, this item does provide a high quality
  • Produced in the United States, this is another sign that you are getting quality level of build
  • The product has a tubular steel frame which ensures that it is tough and durable.
  • There is a load restraint chain, ideal for securing a load without safety concerns
  • It provides 360-degree swivel casters ensuring that you will be able to find the right position for your individual needs


 Sunex 7793B 1/2-Ton Telescopic Transmission Jack

This is significantly more cost-friendly than other options on this list. However, it still delivers a range of fantastic features that could be beneficial to you. The product is well built and well put together. It uses gas tanks and it has an easy to crack gearbox that will quickly turn the entire engine.

One issue to be aware of is that this product is not easy to fold and will take quite a lot of space. To fold, it is important to remove one bolt on the angled bracket. Unlike other options on this list, the option to secure the load is made from nylon rather than a chain. However, it still provides the support you need.


  • The product provides a foot pump pedal which offers a user-friendly design
  • You can secure the load with a nylon strap which is durable enough
  • There is a safety feature with overload valve to ensure you don’t overload the device
  • The transmission can be moved from the jack to the table with telescopic rams


As you can see, there are numerous options for you to consider on the market. These are some of the best possibilities that have been recommended and approved by real customers. When you’re looking for this type of device, you need to make sure that you are selecting an option that is tough and durable. Ideally, when you select a device like this, it should function well for years, providing a worthy investment.

The type you choose is again going to be largely based on individual preferences. This could include everything from the weight to the capacity and size of the device. As well as being useful to professionals in an industry setting, they could also be a fantastic option for the typical vehicle owner too. We hope this helps you determine the right choice for your needs. Also, keep in mind that some floor jacks also have transmission adapters.

How Do Transmission Jacks Work?


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