Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye

Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye

2018 has been a great year but 2019 has some amazing vehicles on the way and this new Hellcat tops the list. More »

Buying Used?

Buying Used?

14 Tips for Buying the RIGHT Used Vehicle More »

American Muscle at Full Strength

American Muscle at Full Strength

The Hellcat & Demon Challenger are letting the world know we still know muscle! Here are some other classic muscle cars you\'ll love! More »

Car Audio Reviews

Car Audio Reviews

Looking for Some New Subs? Check Out Our 10 Favorite Rockford Fosgate Subs of 2018 More »


The Top 10 Floor Jacks of 2020 {Plus A Detailed Buyers Guide}

car jacks 2020 - 10 best floor jacks reviewed

Floor jacks are an essential part of any garage, so today we are going to review the 10 best floor jacks of 2020. Our list includes the best car jacks, truck jacks, and special use jacks, so grab a drink

Motorcycle Gear: Don’t Ride Without These Essential Items

motorcycle gear

Those who are passionate about bikes and love to ride the vehicle without ever thinking about any better alternative knows how important it is to sport the right biking gear that helps skillful bike operations. If you decide to spend

7 Easy Garage Makeover Ideas

You may want to makeover your garage space for various reasons, whether it be due to clutter or you simply want something new. The process of upgrading your garage can make for a more organized space that won’t stress you

Top 3 Services to Keep Your Car in Excellent Shape

cleaning car

Wanderlust is calling. Or it could be your boss. Whether it is work or wanderlust, you will need your trusty car to get you on your way. If you spend an inordinate time on the road, then you most certainly

A Brief Look at Ultra High-Performance Tires

high performance tires

Tires are the last thing that come to mind when we look at a vehicle. Nevertheless, tires can transform a car. How so? Well, compared to any other component of a car, the tires can considerably transform and alter a

10 Best Brake Pads {Plus} The 2019 Brake Pad Buyer’s Guide

brake pads

Top 10 Brake Pads of 2019 + The Ultimate Buying Guide Your brakes are one of the most important components of your vehicle. Brake pads are what allow your vehicle to slow and stop on command. To keep your vehicle

Checklist: How to Prolong Life of Car Tires

Whether you buy a car or a motorcycle, maintenance of that piece of an automobile is extremely crucial. The quality of maintenance would dictate the proper functioning and the life cycle of your vehicle. There exists an unending debate about

Safety Precautions That Every Auto Mechanic Should Adhere To


It takes more than skill and experience to be a great auto mechanic. Working with hazardous chemicals, dangerous tools, and heavy machinery day in and day out means you need a great deal of common sense, as well as a

How to Maintain the Resell Value of Your Vintage Car

Classic cars are highly valuable and saleable items. This is why a lot of people invest money in purchasing muscle cars. While vintage vehicles are a good investment, they need extra care and maintenance so you can retain their market

3 DIY Legends For Auto Hail Repair Demystified For Amateurs Looking For Faster And Efficient Repairs.

car hail damage

One of the persisting problems during the winters is the onset of hailstorms after regular intervals. These hailstorms can be quite harmful, because the hailstones can cause persistent damage to the objects that are left out in the open. When

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