Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye

Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye

2018 has been a great year but 2019 has some amazing vehicles on the way and this new Hellcat tops the list. More »

Buying Used?

Buying Used?

14 Tips for Buying the RIGHT Used Vehicle More »

American Muscle at Full Strength

American Muscle at Full Strength

The Hellcat & Demon Challenger are letting the world know we still know muscle! Here are some other classic muscle cars you\'ll love! More »

Car Audio Reviews

Car Audio Reviews

Looking for Some New Subs? Check Out Our 10 Favorite Rockford Fosgate Subs of 2018 More »


What are Car Gear Rear End Ratios All About?

rear end gear

When it comes to gear ratios in automobiles, these are normally used in the transmission and the drive axle. Its main function is to multiply power, as when all ratios are multiplied the final drive ratio is calculated. Regardless of

Wheel Alignment Basics: How to Identify Negative or Positive Camber Issues

wheel camber

Wheel alignment technology is continuously evolving and introducing new models of vehicles, engines, transmissions, transaxles, steering and electronic suspensions. Nowadays, two-wheel alignment is no longer a thing and four-wheel alignment is being incorporated in many of the new models, thus

What is a Vehicle Knock Sensor and What Does It Do?

knock sensor

The knock sensor is a piezoelectric sensor that consists of a sensing crystal and a resistor located on the engine block, cylinder head or intake manifold. Its main function is to detect the noise vibrations caused by engine knock or

Rockford Fosgate T1 12 Review

rockford fosgate t1 12 inch subwoofer review

Will You Love The Fosgate T1 12? Be prepared to fork over some serious money for these sub-woofers but also know that they will change your life for good. The Rockford Fosgate T1 12 is in a class all of

Average Wheel Bearing Replacement Cost in the USA

Wheel Bearing

The bearing on the wheel helps to release pressure from friction caused by the wheel of your car while it is spinning. A series of steel balls are put together by a race (metal ring). This way the bearing helps

What is a Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor?

If you happen to have a vehicle that still draws power from gas, it comes integrated with a complex fuel delivery system that makes the whole unit function and is composed of: injectors pumps sensors control units amongst other parts.

Front Differential: Repair Costs and Early Warning Signs

front differential

Have you ever noticed how the wheels turn at different rates during a turn? Your front and rear differentials are what enable your car to do this. The fact is, if you didn’t have differentials, all four wheels would rotate

What is a Radiator Overflow Tank and What Does It Do?

Radiator Overflow Tank

The radiator overflow tank along with the radiator cap is responsible for preventing rust formation inside the cooling system as well as recollecting spread coolant that reached its boiling point inside the engine, avoiding permanent evaporation out of the system

JL Audio Class-D Monoblock RD500

JL Audio Class-D Monoblock RD500

JL Audio has established quite a reputation for itself. It has become known as a no-nonsense brand where quality craftsmanship is standard, and affordability is the order of the day. Their reputation is well-deserved – they create audio equipment that

5 Best Oil Filters for Synthetic Oil

Basic car maintenance is something that is easily accomplished at home – it doesn’t take long to learn and involves just changing out the various filters and replacing the oil. Keeping things ticking over smoothly will ensure that you get

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