4 DIY Car Repairs That Will Help You Save Money

4 DIY Car Repairs That Will Help You Save Money

4 Easy DIY Auto Repairs

Having a car brings a level of comfort and it is a luxury for many adults. Although it is something that makes your life easier and is just as essential as having a mobile phone, it can be quite pricey when your car needs repairs or some type of maintenance.

Most people have grown up in a world where you depend on a mechanic to fix your vehicle and ensure that it’s working properly. That has made it hard for car owners to afford taking proper care of their means of transportation and often find themselves leasing a car for decades or dealing with credit card debt.

Nowadays, everything has become easier to learn by watching YouTube videos for anything that you need. Whether it is cooking, painting, playing instruments, or fixing your car’s lights, you can find it all online.  This makes completing DIY auto repairs much more common than in the past.

Repairing your car has become a lot less expensive thanks to automotive companies selling auto parts online. You can now find auto parts to replace engines, brakes, mirrors, windows, etc. in your car by simply doing some shopping online.

Auto part online shops are able to sell items to car owners that are 40% cheaper than what you would find at a local automotive shop. The reason for that is online shops can cut off all of the extra expenses that local stores add to items to ensure that they can pay for utility bills, taxes for the property, maintenance fees, payroll, and more.

Shopping for auto parts online is not only cheaper, it is also much more convenient and it saves you time. Back in the day people have to go from shop to shop to find what they’re looking for. Now you can save tons of money by shopping online which makes it easy for you to compare prices before finalizing the purchase.

Buying Auto Parts Online vs In-Store

Auto parts online shops also offer free shipping to allow busy individuals to find what they need by simply searching and buying the item with a quick click on their computer or their phone.

Online shops that sell auto parts and accessories such as https://www.partsgeek.com/ have made it very convenient for customers to search for the auto part that they are looking for by having an incredibly organized site to navigate.

If you have some concerns or you are not sure if you are buying the right auto part for your car, PartsGeek allows customers to shop based on the car’s model and year. They also provide great customer service that will help you find what you need, including auto parts that are not sold on their online shop such as engines for vintage and old cars.

Many online auto part shops allow customers to take advantage of their 30 day return policy to ensure that they keep their customers happy and know that there is no risk if you purchase the wrong item.

Now that you know the secret to saving thousands of money on auto parts by shopping online, it’s time to decrease your car maintenance fees even more by learning the things you can fix in your car on your own instead of paying for labor work done by mechanics.


Common DIY Car Repairs

Car repairs can seem like a lot of work and most people dread doing it, but these tasks will take a short amount of time from your day and will save you hundreds of money.


Replace your wiper blades

To check if your wiper blades need repair or not by simply pressing the washer button and looking for any signs such as striking.

Striking on your window that comes from wiper blades indicates that it’s time to replace them. When you start shopping for a new pair of wiper blades look for ones that are a known brand, as they will last longer due to using the highest quality rubber and it helps to provide better UV protection.

Following the instructions to replace wiper blades is fairly easy but it requires a firm grip on the wiper arm to avoid harming your windshield.


Replace engine air filter

Inspecting your engine air filter is a very easy process. Simply remove the air filter by unscrewing or unclipping the air filter box retainer and then hold up the air filter along with a light shining on it. If you see a lot of light passing through, then that means your air filter doesn’t need to be changed, but if it is blocking 50% of it you have to replace it as that indicates that the air filter is clogged.


Fix chipped paint on your car

Having your car scratched can be one of the worst feelings to experience, especially with how expensive it can be to fix it. Luckily, you can touch up any scratches on your car by doing it yourself.

It’s important to touch up your paint to prevent it from becoming rusty, which will lead to a bigger problem.

To touch up the paint you will need to purchase touch up paint, fine tip paint applicators, and wax or grease remover. You will first clean the chip with the wax and grease remover and wait for it to dry. Next step is slowly dabbing the touch up paint on the chip with the fine tip paint applicator.


Replace your headlights

Having a mechanic replace your headlights can cost you hundreds of dollars. It is very easy to do and will take ten minutes of your day.

Start off by opening the hood of your car and looking for the bulb holder. Depending on your car, the bulb holder can be plastic, metal, or has a screw cap.

Remove the wires from the bulb holder and take out the old bulb inside the holder. Next step, wipe down the new bulb using a clean rag and place it into the back of the headlight while ensuring that it’s all the way in. Plug the wires back and test it out.




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