6 Checks to Get Your Car Ready for Summer

6 Checks to Get Your Car Ready for Summer

Getting Your Car Summer Ready

It is important to take care of your car as we transition from spring to summer. Our cars have gone through a few months of lockdown and a harsh winter weather If you notice some issues like faded color, engine not working right, or an airflow issues you will need to get the experts to look at it.

There are a few things you can do to make sure your car is in optimal condition for a summer full of long road trips, camping, and a drive to the beach.

We have come up with six tips that will get your car summer-ready.



Start With The Cars Exterior Look

You know your car has faced its fair share of harsh winter weather. Driving through snow, salt, sleet, and freezing rain can leave your car’s exterior in need of some TLC.

The first step is to give your car a thorough cleaning – inside and out.  For the outside, give your car a thorough wash.  You can go through a car wash and use the most detailed washing service or wash it yourself.  Be sure to get the salt and grime off from the undercarriage as well.

You should also tidy up the interior – give it a detailing it deserves.

If you notice, your car has lost a bit of its paint luster through the winter, consider a paint job or a new car ceramic coating to bring back that new car sheen.

Now that you’ve done your cleaning and painting, you need to equip your car with a summer shield. Summer preparations will save the beautiful paint job you did in the car. Waxing and polishing your car is the best solution for a summer shield. It is said that the waxing and polishing process is the first layer of the summer shield. Apply the proper polish work to your car while waxing for the best results.


Give Tires Some Love

Tire pressure changes according to weather temperatures. It can drastically change in one night. To make your ride more fuel-efficient, keep the tire pressure a little bit higher than the recommended pressure. The wear and tear of tires throughout a season can change their performance. It is best to have different sets of tires for winters and summers.

Tires should be checked regularly. Treat tires as you treat your car.  So, as a part of your summer preparations, give your tires some love and care.


Change Oil and Fluid

Check out the quality and quantity of your cooling fluids for your engine to run in summer. Cooling fluids need to be mixed with water in a 50:50 ratio. Ensure it is clean and filled with the right mix You need to replace your cooling fluid every couple of years from regular service.

Oil must be changed 3-5 thousand miles in summer. In winter light oil is appropriate for work. Summer requires a heavier oil as The warmer temperature is good for the oil. So, switch your oil according to the temperature and your car specification that is recommended for summer.

Humans are not the only ones who need to stay hydrated in the hot weather. Your car also needs to have the proper oil and fluid level. Engines heat up easily in the summer, so you need the proper cooling/lubricant fluid to keep your car in good shape. Before you set off on that summer drive, make sure you check oil, gas, and coolant levels properly.


Check Battery and Engine Performance

Inspect your car’s battery and engine performance. Regular servicing is important for summer. Summer is a dusty season, and it can cause clogged filters. Also, fuel blends replacement is needed so that the clogged fuel filters cannot harm your engine performance. Keeping the fuel tank clean will save the fuel system from debris getting into the fuel system and cause major issues.

Check if your battery has any corrosive build up and dirt. You can clean up corrosive build-up with a toothbrush and baking soda or water to wash your battery. Take your battery to the local auto part store to make sure it’s holding charges and in good shape.

Check for the engine lights of your car. Engine lights being on means there is an issue with the car that needs to be looked at immediately. There is a car manual written about engine lights. For example, the blinking light is the signal for you to stop your car. When you are driving normally, but your check engine light appears, this may signal damage. If you see your engine lights on, get an auto mechanic to take a look.


Replace Wiper Blades & Clean Windshield

Winter can be rough on your wiper blades. Windshield wiper blades are something we may need any day of the year.  Sometimes on a sunny day, a sudden thunderstorm can happen, and you will need wiper blades to clear your windshield. Check if they are making any chattering sound and making stripes. You need to change them to prepare your car for summer. So, replace them for your summer driving.

Remember to refill your windshield washing fluid.  Summertime bugs can make quite a mess on your windshield.  You will need the fluid to clear it off.

Be sure to clean the wiper blades and windshield regularly to keep them running smoothly.

In summer sunglasses are a must for people and the same applies to your car windshield. The temperature of the sun heats your electronics, seats, and inside of your car. A car sunshade protects your car’s interior by blocking the sun.



Check Air Conditioning

Checking the air conditioners’ status is important if you don’t want to get hot in summer. Turn on the AC and see if all the modes are working perfectly and airflow from the vents is working. Bring your car to a mechanic/auto shop if you notice any changes or issues with airflow and airconditioning.


Enjoy your Summer

Once you have gone through the six tips above, your car will be ready for the summer.  Keep up with the regular oil checks, and keep the car clean and enjoy it throughout the summer.



Bryce Newell is an automotive enthusiast who loves to write about the latest news, products, and DIY projects. While Bryce is an amateur in the field, he is passionate about cars and has been since he spent weekends in the garage helping his dad rebuild a 68 Dodge Charger as a kid.

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