Rockford Fosgate R150 2 Review

Rockford Fosgate R150 2 Review

A Closer Look at the Rockford Fosgate R150 X 2

The Rockford Fosgate R150 2 is a great amplifier offering two channels and capable of pumping out 75 Watts into each channel at 2 Ohms. This is a really good option for those wanting to start to upgrade their car’s sound system as it will fit with a lot of the different speakers out there.



  • 2 channels
  • 50 watts RMS at 4 Ohms
  • 75 watts RMS at 2 Ohms
  • 150 watts RMS at 4 Ohms is possible and stable when using bridged mode.
  • CEA-2006 compliant
  • Low and high-pass filters with variable settings
  • Bass boost is also variable
  • Design: Class-AB
  • Power Supply: MOSFET
  • Frequency Response: 20-20,000 Hz

Reliable performance is one of the most important aspects when considering an amp. Fortunately, this is something that the company delivers in spades with this model. Because this is a two-channel system, you have a lot more choice.

Use it to power a set of speakers at 50 watts each or run your 150-watt sub in one channel mode instead.

The chassis is made from cast, heavy-duty aluminum and will siphon off heat that could damage the more fragile components inside. It has sensors built into it that allow it to keep a handle on current being output and the temperature of the power supply as well.

The design makes it extremely durable, and it can even stand up to a short circuit.



Rockford Fosgate R150 2

This amp allows you to take full advantage of the company’s Punch boost. The benefit in terms of improved sound quality and volume is something that you would have to pay a lot more for with other companies.

Another nice thing is that you can easily attach the amp to a standard car stereo system. This is another feature that puts it ahead of its competitors because it makes installation such a breeze. Many amps on the market today are more geared toward custom fitting, so this makes a refreshing change.

What really sets it apart, though, is the versatility it offers. You get to set your settings to suit your taste instead of having to put up with a bunch of generic settings. This level of customization is rare at this price point.

The onboard sensors are also a rare addition in this price range and can go a long way to protecting your machine from damage.


We do have one complaint here, and admittedly it is a small thing. The hardware and wiring don’t come with the amp. The company recommends installing a 20 Amp fuse and using 8-gauge ground and power leads but does not supply them.

It’s a little annoying, but it was probably done in case you were installing a set of amps. And, we guess, people might want to put the amps in different locations in the vehicle, so it would be hard to come up with a length of wire that would suit everyone.

That said, it is not difficult to get the wire and, by buying it yourself, you don’t have to worry about running out or having too much.


Final Verdict

If you would love to have a great sound system in your car, this is for you. It is an entry-level model that is great for beginners because it is so easy to install. That said, it won’t let enthusiasts down because it delivers consistent results.

The fact that the wiring does not come in the box with the amp is a minor irritation. It is one that is easily solved and well worth putting up with considering the great results that you get. However, if this isn’t what you need to finish your dream system, be sure to check out our top 10 amps list for some other great models.








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