Rockford Fosgate P1000x5 Review

Rockford Fosgate P1000x5 Review

How Does the Fosgate P1000 X 5 Perform?

The Rockford Fosgate P1000x5 is for you if you are looking for something that will power your whole car’s audio system. It pushes out 75 watts RMS when it comes to your front and back speakers and can send as much as 500 watts to your subwoofer consistently. If you are looking for a real boost, this is it.



  • 5 channels
  • 150 watts RMS + 4 x 75 watts at 4 Ohms
  • 300 watts RMS + 4 x 125 watts RMS at 2 Ohms
  • 500 watts RMS at 1 Ohm + 2 x bridged 250 watts at 2 Ohms
  • CEA-2006 compliant
  • Class-BD design
  • Low-pass and high-pass filters that vary between 50 and 250 HZ and 12dB/Octave
  • PEQ2 bass/treble variable boost
  • Subwoofer channel features a subsonic filter that is switchable
  • L.E.A.N. gain setup system comes with a CD with a test tone
  • You can also download the test tones
  • Frequency Response: 20-20K Hz
  • Cooling systems are MEHSA MOSFET and Dynamic Thermal Management
  • Both the power and output have MOSFET incorporated into them
  • The system has a sensor that detects when a signal is coming through and switches on automatically
  • You can get a remote control to adjust the levels. It is wired and comes with a clip light.
  • The system is highly customizable and a very convenient way to power your sound system



rockford fosgate p1000 x5 review

Rockford Fosgate is a company that has always been in a league of its own. It delivers top quality sound equipment and is appreciated by beginners and serious enthusiasts alike. This amp from them is no exception and is a great way to bring together all the elements of the sound system.

The high level of customization available with this model makes it a real pleasure to work with. Other similar amps don’t allow as much variation.

The sensor that switches the amp on in the case that a signal is detected is pretty unique as well. There has been a lot of thoughtful design inclusions that are normally lacking in this class.

You can boost both the treble and the bass to get a more fun mix. The high-pass filters in this model are amongst the best on the market and allow you to cut off the bass from your full-range speakers, leaving it to play on your sub-woofer. This makes the whole system more efficient.



You are going to have to spring for your own hardware and wiring, unfortunately. These do not come standard with the box. This is not such a big deal, but we did expect more considering the higher price range. So be prepared to get your own fuses and wiring.

That said, those are easy to come by, and we would rather have the company cutting costs in this area than having them cut back on features. The feature-rich nature and performance of this amp more than make up for the lack of wiring.

It is in the higher price range, but that was to be expected considering the level of customization you have – you may never need to buy another amplifier again.


Final Verdict

This is geared towards the more seasoned enthusiast. It is a bit pricey, so this is not for the person who listens to music every now and again in their car. This is for someone who really has a passion for great sound.

Overall, this is the amplifier that can take listening to music in your car to a whole new level but, if it isn’t what you are looking for, be sure to check out our top 10 list of Fosgate Amps.


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