Rockford Fosgate P3sd2 10 Review

Rockford Fosgate P3sd2 10 Review

Is The Rockford Fosgate P3sd2 10 a Stud or a Dud?

The Rockford Fosgate P3sd2 10 is ideal for vehicles that are smaller in size or that standards subs are harder to fit into. With a shallower depth, these subwoofers are much simpler to fit but still deliver the outstanding performance that we have grown to expect from the company.

Now, no matter how small your car is, you can have a kick-ass bass system.



  • Power Range: 50 to 300 watts RMS or 150 watts for each voice coil
  • Frequency Response: 40 to 250 Hz
  • Power Handling: Peak power is 600 watts
  • Mount Depth: 3 9/16 inches
  • Sensitivity: 83 dB

The subwoofer is 10 inches in diameter and boasts dual voice coils of 2 Ohms. Unlike standard subs, this one’s mounting depth is only 3,5 inches, making it a good fit in smaller spaces.

The cone is made from anodized aluminum for excellent sound distribution and durability. The Santoprene surround is a thermoplastic compound very similar in flexibility to rubber but not as prone to perishing. It will withstand excesses of both heat and cold.

You can choose to buy the grill as an optional extra.

The subs have the standard StampCast basket with spider webbing to help it stay cooler. The system is very effective at dissipating heat, essential when it comes to this kind of small, enclosed set-up.



Rockford Fosgate P3sd2 10 side profile Review

The Santoprene surround is just one feature that sets this model apart from others in the same price class. If you live in an area where there are extreme fluctuations in temperature, this feature will be particularly handy for you because it will withstand the fluctuations better than rubber.

These subs are designed to be extremely good at dissipating heat. This is another thing that sets them apart – heat buildup is tough to deal with, especially in a smaller space.

Rockford Fosgate has crammed a lot of features into this smaller subwoofer. You get all the sound that you would expect despite the smaller size. It is a tribute to the engineering behind this design that the model outperforms bigger models from its competitors.

The price is also quite reasonable, considering the amount of power these can handle. It is a little higher than that of its closest rivals, but not terribly so.



If there is one drawback, it would be that this would fall more into an entry-level model. It works great but would not stand a chance in a car competition. But that is understandable – it is built to fit into a smaller vehicle and be more compact.

Somewhere along the line, that means that something has to be sacrificed. So, no, it can’t be considered a professional system. However, it is a great starting off point for someone who is just getting interested in the area, or who just wants to enjoy listening to their music.

And, don’t worry, the whole neighborhood is still going to know that you are in the area with these. In fact, your neighbor is not going to thank you for setting the whole thing up. But you won’t be able to hear the complaints anyway.

Final Verdict

If you are a serious car person, this probably is not going to cut it for you. It is an entry-level model. That said, it still does an excellent job and, once you have seen what may be possible, it is a sure thing that you are going to want to play some more.

It won’t be the last sub you buy – once you get hooked on the bass, you will want to experiment with more powerful models – but you will always remember it with great affection.


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