Alpine PDX v9 Review

Alpine PDX v9 Review

Alpine PDX V9 5 Channel Amplifier Review

The idea of installing an amp in a vehicle has long been thought to be the reserve of those who are serious enthusiasts. The truth is that there are a lot more reasons for installing an amp than pushing up the bass levels.

That is somewhat silly – when we are in our homes, we aim to get the best sound system possible, so that we can enjoy our music to its full extent.  Isn’t it, therefore, logical to do the same thing with our cars?

The Alpine PDX v9 promises to deliver a really clear and clean sound experience for any type of audiophile – whether a beginner or a serious enthusiast. Does it do this? In this post, we will explore that.

Alpine v9 Performance  

Alpine PDX v9This PDX v9 five-channel amp that has a power handling rating of either 100 Watts x 4 or 500 Watts x 1 RMS. Max power handling is 1600 Watts. This will provide enough power for most of your car’s needs. This is a compact amp that will provide a steady supply of power and a very clean signal.

PDX amps haven’t always had the best reputation in this area, but this Alpine model has proven that PDX amps don’t need to continue with this bad rep. There is no hissing, pops or any other kinds of funny noises produced.

The controls are easily accessible on the front, making adjustment simple and the amp is stackable, so if you want to ramp up your system beyond the PDX v9 5 channel at a later stage, you are covered.

Installation is a breeze thanks to the quick release plugs, and you can easily install it under the seat if you want to save space in your vehicle.

To make things even easier, it comes with a bass level remote control allowing you complete control of your system from the driver’s seat.

You will need to buy the wiring separately, but since this is only a single cord, it is not all that much of an extra expense. The manufacturer does suggest using a good-quality four-gauge wire for optimal performance.

The high-pass filter on the front channels is variable and ranges between 30 and 6000 Hz, at 12dB per octave. The high pass filter on the rear channels ranges between 30 and 600 Hz.

The low-pass filter on the subwoofer channel is also variable and ranges between 50 and 600 Hz at 24dB per octave.  The subsonic filter for the subwoofer ranges between 0 and 30 Hz at 24dB per octave.


Features of the Alpine v9 5 Channel Amp

It is a Class D model meaning that it can be considered suitable to power your whole system. You also only need the one cable to power it. This makes it a lot quicker to install and helps to save you cash when it comes to wires and other installation accessories.

With installation being so quick and easy, you will be ready to cool off with a cold brew and listen to some awesome sounds in next to no time.

It has a very small footprint, and this is an especially nice advantage over similar amps. Despite its small size, it will power your subs and four other speakers with relative ease.

You do get a standard one-year warranty, as you would with most amps. Where the manufacturer really does a sterling job, though, is in the actual manual that they provide. It is complete with detailed instructions that are simple to understand.

We found this especially advantageous because a lot of other companies just do a cursory job here – expecting that most people either know exactly what to do or take it to professional installation expert.

The design is also slick and contemporary in black, so if you do decide to install it where it will be seen, it will still look good.


Drawbacks  of the PDX V9 Extreme Power Amp

Is this going to be the last amp you ever buy? Not if you really get hooked on creating more boom. This system works well as an entry-level model for the average user but is not really going to do all that much for someone who is a more seasoned pro in this area.

What we would have liked to see was more in terms of mounting options, and we did feel that they could have thrown in a few spare screws as well. It is a small niggle, and one that shouldn’t really become an issue as long as you are careful when installing the system.

We did like that you can easily stack these and so that does leave some scope for improvement at a later stage.

Final Verdict

This is a good value buy. It is better suited to an entry level system but allows you to experience a much more rounded sound experience. It is compatible with most audio systems but won’t work with the older ones because it does produce a lot of power.

It is best to check what your manufacturer recommends for your factory-installed system before messing around with it, but the same can be said of any system that you are adding an amp too.

For the price, you are getting a lot of power and performance. It provides more than enough power for most users, and is very user-friendly when it comes to both the installation and operation. It is compact and can easily be used as a base to build up a more impressive system later. If you aren’t a fan of Alpine, be sure to check out our “top 10” Rockford Fosgate and Kicker reviews for some other great options.

Overall, it scores great marks for us. Read customer reviews of the Alpine PDX v9 here.

If you have decided that it is time to swap out your factory sound system to get some serious sound quality, the Alpine PDX v9 is a good start. Paired with the right head unit, quality car speakers and of course a pair of great sub-woofers, you can take your audio experience to the next level.


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