Rockford Fosgate P300 10 Review

Rockford Fosgate P300 10 Review

Fosgate P300 10  Inch Sub Review

The Rockford Fosgate P300 10 is ideal if you do not want to go to the trouble of having separate subs and amps. It is one of the quickest ways to bring on the boom and convert your standard car stereo to a pumping sound machine. If you want bass, and you want it fast, this is the option for you.



  • A 10-inch, powered sub case
  • Amp is Class D with power handling of 300 watts RMS
  • Comes with a remote controller for adjusting the bass level
  • Low-pass crossover with variable settings of 50 to 200 Hz and 12dB/ Octave
  • Variable bass booster
  • 0° to 180° phase switch
  • Frequency response of 35 – 200 Hz


If the idea of wiring up amps and subs leaves you cold, this is the perfect alternative. Everything that you need is enclosed in a strong MDF casing. You get a 10-inch sub and a 300-watt amp already connected up. All you need to do is to connect to the power, ground it and then get the signal through.

The enclosure is durable and fits neatly in the trunk. It protects your amps and subs from nasty bumps and potential scratches.

All in all, you get the full Rockford Fosgate experience with very little work on your part. The system is highly efficient at putting out sound and also at dissipating heat. It provides consistently good results.



There are better looking and slim-downed models out there but none in this price range with quite the same kick. The closest models also combine a sub and an amp, and some do so in a much smaller package, but the trade-off is that you lose power in both.

This model is the best value because it comes in at around about the same price point as its rivals and has a lot more power under its belt.

The company makes use of its Vast tech to ensure that you get around 25% more usable space on the cone. This is one of the features that makes this option far more effective than its counterparts.

The anodized voice coil is constructed out of aluminum to ensure that heat is more easily dissipated. In most other models, the voice coil is made out of plastic.

Factor in the ease at which it can be installed, the remote that allows you to adjust the bass levels and you have a great sound system at an impressively low price.



The tapered box design is different from most competitor models and allows for a better balance between sound and economy of space. This is a bigger box than a lot of its main rivals but the boost in performance is well worth the space that you will need to sacrifice.

That said, even if you were to build your own enclosure, it would have to be around the same size to accommodate the sub and amp together.

Overall, while the size is a little bigger than normal, the payoff is crystal clear sound quality with no interference at all. Not a bad trade-off for an inch or two less space, is it?


 Final Verdict

Take this round to a serious car competition and you are bound to be marked down for taking shortcuts. This is a simple system – it works extremely well but you are not going to get many “Oohs†and “Ahs†from those who are serious enthusiasts.

The amount of space that it takes up could also be a bit of a problem for them. But, this is system meant for convenience. It is as close to a plug and play device that we get in the car audio world.

If you want great music with minimal fuss, this is the perfect option, if you are looking for something to blow the doors off your ride, check out our top 10 sub list.



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