JL Audio Class-D Monoblock RD500

JL Audio Class-D Monoblock RD500

JL Audio has established quite a reputation for itself. It has become known as a no-nonsense brand where quality craftsmanship is standard, and affordability is the order of the day. Their reputation is well-deserved – they create audio equipment that is durable and gives high-quality sound output too.

The JL Audio Class-D Monoblock RD500 looks like another good offering from this company, but does it really measure up? Let us explore it to find out.



This is a relatively simple option when it comes to amps. It is specifically designed to drive your subwoofer wild. Okay, so maybe not completely wild but with 500 watts generated into 2 ohms, this provides more than enough power to get you tapping along.

This model makes use of the company’s proprietary NexD switching tech. This enables this Class D amp to generate a lot of power steadily and as fast as necessary to power your subs perfectly. The amp is highly efficient and produces a clear and clean sound with next to no distortion at all.

It is hard to believe considering the size, but this can produce an ear-popping bass beat that is both loud and great quality. You usually have to sacrifice one for the other, but not in this case.

The sleek top design hides a cool secret – flip up the top flap, and the controls are easily accessible. Close up the flap, and they are protected again, and you don’t have to worry about buttons being pushed accidentally by something falling on them.

The connections all run along the same side making installation a lot simpler and positioning a lot more streamlined. Now you only have to worry about wires coming out of one side of the amplifier. It sounds odd, but this in itself saves you a lot of space.

The amplifier features a low-pass filter with variable frequency selection of between 50Hz and 500Hz at 12dB per octave.

The bass boost EQ is also variable giving you a good range of settings when it comes to inputs. In addition, the differential balance, dual range inputs allow the amp to accept almost all voltage levels.


Features  JL Audio Class-D Monoblock RD500

The LED-clipping indicator is a relatively new innovation from JL Audio and allows you to set the amps input sensitivity levels quickly and easily. You don’t need any specialist equipment to do this, and this helps to set this amp apart from its main competitors.

The LED light strip on the top allows you to quickly asses what condition the amplifier is in and what the all-around status is at a glance.

Unlike other models in the same price range, this model comes with auto turn-on as standard so that it will switch on when it detects a signal or current. You are also provided with preamp outputs that allow you to merely pass signals on to a second amp.

This is a system that is user-friendly and able to be built upon. You could just start with extra bass, for example, and then add on another amplifier to get the best performance out of your other speakers as well.

You do have the option of buying a remote controller so that you can adjust the bass levels from the front of the car quickly and easily.

Finally, this is a really good-looking piece of equipment. It is powder-coated black and has a contemporary look and feel. It certainly does not look anything like your dad’s old amp. It is built with style and exudes that cool vibe.



The only real drawback is that this will only run a sub so in that respect it is not as useful as an all-in-one model would be. That said, this is also something of an advantage because the entire design is made to optimize the bass.

By focusing on only one aspect, the settings are a lot more finely tuned, and you get a more compact amp that can put out quite a bit of power.

If you are starting out on your journey towards a kickass sound system, one amp would never be enough in the long-term anyway – you would be looking to upgrade and adding a second amp. With this model, you get to skip ahead a little – this system will carry through over a range of different subs and systems.


Final Verdict

What it all boils down to is this – do you want a system that is focused on improving the bass or do you want something that can be used for all your speakers? If you are likely to look at upgrading your system in the next couple of years, this could be an excellent place to start.

If you love bass, and you aren’t too fussed about the rest, this amplifier would also prove useful to you. If, on the other hand, you want to power all your speakers, and have no intention of further customization, this might be overkill.

However, considering the price that is being charged, there is a little more wiggle room here. You aren’t going to blow your whole budget on the JL Audio Class-D Monoblock RD500, so you could look at investing in a second amp as well. If you aren’t sure about this JL amp, be sure to check out our top 10 Rockford Fosgate Amp Reviews for some other great options.


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