How To Reset the Traction Control Light

How To Reset the Traction Control Light

Traction Control Light

Is the traction control light of your car turned on? You do not know what this light is for? Have you ever wondered if you can still drive your car while the light is on? And above all, you need a way to disable it?

Here we will answer all your questions. Check it out!

First of all, what is traction control and why would you disable it?

The Use Of The Traction Control Light

Nowadays, every car is equipped with a traction control system. This system helps you control the car’s stability.

For example, when your car goes on a high hill, the stability control system will detect this problem. Then they will start to brake the engine. The power on the wheels will be reduced by this process. This system is essential in order to stop your car from skidding, slipping or spinning.

For some situations, the driver does not need to reduce the power, so they will turn off the stability control program. The traction control light will be turned on after that. In some other cases, this traction control light is on to tell us that there are some problems with the braking system.


Is It Ok To Keep Driving With The Traction Control Light On?

Just keep in mind that it is totally fine to drive with the traction control light on.

The traction control light is on to tell you if it is safe to drive or not. When your car is in a difficult terrain and the traction control light is on, it means that the stability system works and it is safe to drive.

But with the same terrain and the light does not turn on, it means the traction control system is now not working. And your car may slip or spin due to its loss of traction.

How To Turn Off The Traction Control Light

The traction control light is only on when your car is in loss of traction. But why is it still on when you are in a normal condition? We are sure that you are wondering how to reset it? Now I will show you how to deal with this problem.

Drive your car for a few minutes

After changing the battery, you may get the stability light warning on. That is just a self check of your car system.

It is a normal situation so do not panic. You just need to drive the car for a few minutes, do some left turns and right turns. Having done with checking, the system will reset the stability light automatically.

Turn the traction control system on

There is always an ESC button to turn the stability control on and off. The traction control light also stays on when your stability control system is deactivated. So if your light is on, you may have accidentally pressed an ESC button.

All you need to do is just start the car and find the switch. The switch may have the word “ESC”, “ESP” or “DSC”. Click and hold it for about 3 – 5 seconds and then check the dashboard again.

Make sure that all the tires have same type and same size

The wheel – speed sensors are able to detect if a drive wheel is spinning faster than other wheels. And different types and sizes of the tires, of course, affect the spinning speed.

Having different tire sizes on the front and the back also means that you cause the ESC to malfunction. And the light will surely be on.


Do not drive too fast

Sometimes, the traction control light flashes to warn that you are driving too fast and you need to slow down. The stability program is trying to keep the car under control. When everything is okay, the program will turn the light off.

Make sure that you respect the speed limit. The traction control system may help you avoid getting into accidents but it does not mean that you can drive too fast.

Do a system scan

Sometimes the traction control light is on because the stability system is malfunctioning. You should bring your car to a qualified car repair shop to scan your car thoroughly. And then your problem will be solved completely.


Now you know what is traction control light used for and five ways to turn it off. I hope that with this topic, you can find the solution to your problems.

For any more information, do not be afraid to contact us. We are always here to help you.

And last but not least, many thanks for spending time on this article. We hope to see you at another topic!


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