7 All New 2017 Cars You Don’t Want to Miss

7 All New 2017 Cars You Don’t Want to Miss

We have become accustomed to batch of new and exciting car models being launched every year, and 2017 is no exception.

While most of the car models set to launch in 2017 are new versions of existing models, or models from the past being brought back to life –car manufacturers are always striving to make their cars safer, lighter and more environmentally friendly. It is not only efficient and safety that are evolving though; advanced production technologies mean that manufacturers are able to design and build more desirable and exciting cars than ever before. We have selected top 2017 vehicles that are guaranteed to dominate headlines and sales chart in 2017.

Without further ado, here are 7 cars to checkout now.

1. Audi A8 saloon

Large executive saloon models seem to have fallen out many car enthusiasts’ favorite lists, the new Audi A8 is however a very important model for Audi. Top notch German car makers like Mercedes, Audi and BMW use their flagship car models to showcase engineering technology that will feature across many more models to come. Having this in mind, it is quite interesting to note the 2017 New Audi A8 will feature the newly developed driving technology that makes use of radar and lasers. Audi stated that this technology will enable the A8 to self-drive’ in traffic for up to speeds of 38mph –it is however not clear if this is legal on the UK roads.

Generally, Audi makes the best interiors in the industry; the new A8 will feature the envied infotainment and gesture-controlled heating. It will be powered by a turbo-charged diesel and petrol engine, and will be about 200kg lighter than the model it replaces. The manufacture is also likely to offer a hybrid version of the A8.

2. Renault 5 hatchback

The original Renault 5 was first launched in 1972 and become one of the most successful models of its time thanks to its clever design and low price. The Renault was also one of the first mass-produced cars to have a hatchback boot. In resurrecting the Renault’s name –over 20 years since its production it ceased, the new Renault model will primarily focus of efficiency. While the Renault 5 is projected to cost nearly the same as the Renault Clio, it will feature new mechanical parts and an engine designed for class-leading fuel economy. There are also great efforts to equip the 5’s interior with the most sophisticated high-tech around. It is also likely to feature a plug-in hybrid version.

3. Ford Fiesta hatchback

Ford Fiesta is the UK’s bestselling car, so we equally expect the new Ford Fiesta hatchback model to be a hotcake. Ford sells over 100,000 Fiestas per year, so it is important that they get the new model right the first time. Test results rates the new Fiesta model highly thanks to its low running cost, good looks and excellent driving experience. Traditionally, we expect new car models to be more powerful, more comfortable and lager that the versions they replace, all eyes are all the new Ford Fiesta hatchback to see if it will lose of the sparkle that sets it aside from its competitors.

4. BMW Z4 roadster

The New BMW Z4 is a popular choice for enthusiast seeking a stylish and modern two-door sports car courtesy of its engaging driving experience and sleek looks. While the only Z4 images available portray it as a heavenly disguised test model, it is quite clear that the long, low bonnet of the current version remains, while its new squarer and sharper boot hints at a sleek yet more purposeful design. It is interesting to note that the new BMW Z4 seems to be letting go of the heavy metal folding hardtop that is featured in the current Z4. A BMW insider hinted that the new Z4 design will feature lightweight construction technology similar to that used for the BMW i8 coupe and MBW i3.

5. Renault Alpine coupe

The Renault Alpine coup is another comeback for Renault. The first Alpine was a sports model featuring a rear engine with rallying heritage, while its successor, the Alpine GTA of the early eighties was one of the most popular and distinctive car of its time, and the only genuine competitor of Porsches of the time. Renault is seeking to rejuvenate its sports car credentials with the new Alpine. It will be a mid-engined model and chances are it will be the lightest in 2017 vehicles of its class. This weigh-saving design means that the new Alpine will have a smaller engine, but still be able to gunner 0-62mph in about 4.5 seconds. If the new Renault Alpine coup is capable of successfully combining this blend of performance and economy, the Alfa Romeo 4C coup would have gotten and worthy rival.

6. BMW i5 SUV

The BMW i5 seeks to continue the BMW’s vision of building ultra-efficient models with hybrid and plug-in power which was first seen in the i8 coup and i3 electric car. While limited information is currently available about the i5 SUV, it is projected that the new model will be a five-seater cross-over style plug-in that will closely resemble the BMW’s current i’ series. The new i5 hints at how serious BMW will be taking efficiency on their models to come –they aim at making a wide range of cars with zero carbon dioxide emissions in the coming years.

7. Toyota Supra

We could not wrap this up without sneaking in the much talked about Toyota Supra. While the Supra and BMW Z5 will take advantage of the shared high-tech engineering, the Supra is likely to come out on top. This will place the Supra at about the same league as the GT86 in the Toyota gallery, and as such, it is expected to come packed with advanced performance.

Rumors have it that the Supra will feature a straight-six engine similar to the BMW’s power train stable. However, whatever the engine size, the Supra’s hybrid-electric tech will place it a notch higher than its rivals in terms of performance. The new model will feature electric motors in the rear and front axle. Electric power will be harnessed from regenerative breaking. Additionally, the CVT gearboxes will be replace by the Toyota’s dual-clutch transmission.


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