P2 Rockford Fosgate 12 Subwoofer Review

P2 Rockford Fosgate 12 Subwoofer Review

Rockford Fosgate P2 Review

If you are looking to crank things up a notch or two, like the other components from Rockford Fosgate,  this Fosgate subwoofer gives you a great blend between power and efficiency. It is easy to install thanks to the flex fit basket and strong and durable. If you are ready for it, buckle up – this is a wild ride.

Fosgate P2 Performance

  • Size: 12 inches
  • Power Handling:
  • RMS: 400 watts
  • Peak: 800 watts

The cone is paper that has been reinforced with Kevlar meaning that you get bullet-proof performance every single time. The Kevlar helps to ensure that the cone is able to stand up to a lot more punishment.

The voice coil is made from anodized aluminum covered in copper to give you the best possible performance and dissipation of heat as well.

This is a Punch type subwoofer and is therefore idea for those who want the bass to be the main feature in the music being played.

The 10 -AWG push terminals are nickel-plated to increase their lifespan.

The trim ring is from cast aluminum that has been diamond cut and comes with a grille as an optional extra.

The company’s VAST technology has been employed here to ensure that you can drag as much sound out of the speakers as is humanly possible.

Features of the P2 Subwoofer

Other subwoofers on the market just don’t pack quite the same punch, pardon the pun. These are durable and built with one aim in mind – the best sound quality possible. The sound produced is superior.

Unlike with competitor models where you really need to crank up the volume to get passable results, here you are more than likely keeping the volume below blasting. The reason for the amazing amount of sound output is the use of the VAST tech when it comes to attaching the speakers to the rubber.

The patented tech that Fosgate uses makes it possible for them to expose around 25% more of the cone and that, in turn, means bigger sound with less effort.

The one caveat here is that you cannot just crank it up and get going, you need to crank it slowly initially, allowing the sound to build gradually or you risk damaging the voice coil. These puppies are built for output, not for speed.

That said, they will outlast many other brands that start off strong and then disappoint in the end.

(Click Here for Full Performance Specs )


You do need to read the specifications carefully before choosing which speaker to get for your system. Cranking it to beyond its normal capacity will lead to blowing the speaker. It is not such a big nuisance, though, all you need to do is to make sure that your amp is at optimal settings.

Okay, I know that the idea of getting a sub-woofer is to get more sound, and to be able to crank up the amp, but with this model, you have to adopt a more moderate approach.

It could be a good thing too – It wouldn’t be hard to blow out a few windows with these at the higher settings.


Final Verdict On the Fosgate P2 Sub

This model is best-suited to those who want some extra power and want to be able to hear the base clearly. You will need to choose your amp carefully so that you don’t blow the speakers so if you are someone who wants to set the tone to deafeningly loud, these might not be for you.

If, however, you appreciate clear sound and want to enjoy the experience, these are a great buy.


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