Motorcycle Gear: Don’t Ride Without These Essential Items

Motorcycle Gear: Don’t Ride Without These Essential Items

Those who are passionate about bikes and love to ride the vehicle without ever thinking about any better alternative knows how important it is to sport the right biking gear that helps skillful bike operations. If you decide to spend your life on two wheels without compromising on your ability to operate and control the motorcycle itself, you must have the right gear to appreciate the machine and enjoy the ride.  If you love motorcycles, you cannot enjoy the ride if you are not dressed in the right way that makes you a confident rider. Although you need to spend some good money on biking gear, you must never compromise on it because it is as important as the motorcycle itself. Keeping aside about $1,200 to $1,500 for it would be the wisest decision when you are buying a bike.

Riding a bike to demonstrate your skills can be a risky affair, and you must have proper safety measures in place to enjoy the ride to the fullest. Riding a bike without motorcycle gear or having only some of it can pose serious risks, so before you go out and buy a new Harley Davidson or crotch rocket, make sure you plan ahead to get the right gear! Even if you are traveling at moderate speed along a straight line, you could feel uncomfortable if you are not wearing the right kinds of protective items. Moreover, in rainy seasons wearing the proper helmet, waterproof full body suit, gloves and boots can make the ride truly enjoyable as you stay completely dry. Staying protected and in control of the situation makes you confident of braving the weather by ensuring a safe ride that would make you forget that you are riding a motorcycle and not traveling in a car or minivan.

Enjoy the ride

Unless you are wearing gear, you can never fully appreciate your loving motorcycle. Regardless of the type of bike you are riding having your gear is a must. Safety comes first during a bike riding, and you must not try to test the tolerance of your body by taking unwanted and stupid risks as ridiculous, like not wearing gear. Falling off from bikes can hurt you so badly that you might not be able to ride again and it always makes sense to be safe than sorry. If you do get injured and it isn’t your fault, seeking counsel from a lawyer with experience in motorcycle injury cases is always a good idea.

In this article, we will discuss some essential biking gear that you must consider when safety and weathering the climate are your priorities.

Safety first

Protective gear that fits well should make you a confident rider because its design ensures proper protection of your body in the event of a fall or crash or any other accident. Besides, the gear provides the comfort necessary to enhance endurance and make the ride more enjoyable. You can ride in different conditions without fearing the weather or terrain because you know that you will not get hurt, come what may. You are in better control and truly in the driver’s seat calling the shots all the while.

To keep yourself well protected when riding your favorite motorcycle, remember to carry the following gear that protects you from head to toe.


The head is the most vulnerable body part which if left exposed during motorcycle ride can be the cause of some fatal outcome in the event of any fall, accident or crash. It is not enough to wear a helmet, but it just the right one capable of withstanding the impact of crash or fall. The helmet is the first gear that you must have in your inventory and instead of using the price to determine its safety level ensure that it meets the standard set by the DOT or Department of Transportation. Remember that even a very expensive helmet might be useless if it falters in meeting the stipulated safety standards and do not be surprised that a cheaper one could be better in protecting your head. In addition, the helmet must be comfortable to wear, and you must pay attention to the fit.

Helmet Recommendations

  1. Full Helmet–The full cap is going to offer you the most inclusion around your head and face with extra assurance at the base of your head. The eye insurance will no doubt be a visor that can be pivoted up off the beaten path as required. The visor can arrive in an assortment of wraps up a light tint, dim tint, a shading variety, or only a straightforward clear. Security is best on this sort as it covers everything imperative, ought to inhale well with ventilation, and can enable you to hear encompassing traffic and sounds for guarded riding.


  1. ¾ Helmet–The ¾ head protector is like the full face cap, yet it doesn’t offer a similar facial inclusion. The side, top, and back of your head will be secured as it were. Visors for the ¾ protective cap are normally a flip down sort that can be clear or a hued or tinted assortment. Insurance will be not exactly the full face in the jaw and facial territory, yet different regions (side, back, and top) ought to be equivalent. Hearing and ventilation will likewise be equivalent to a full face cap, as it ought to inhale well while wearing it and you can hear what’s in closeness to you.


  1. ½ Helmet–Now the ½ cap isn’t what most call the “cerebrum pail”. The ½ protective cap will cover the highest point of your head with a fractional front of the side and back. Despite everything it offers assurance yet doesn’t cover your face in any capacity. Riders will ordinarily pick some other type of eye assurance like glasses or goggles. This style offers the least in general security of the three because of the restricted inclusion.

Manufacturers recommend five-year life for helmets from the date of manufacturing, and you must change it within time to comply with the safety requirements.


motorcylce gloves

Since the hands are likely to touch the ground first when you are falling, gloves are the next most important gear for any motorcyclist.  Hands are quite fragile, but again these are most important to maneuver your bike because even being unmindful to get off the bike in the parking lot while still on speed can injure your bare hands.

The quality of gloves is very important regardless of the material because it must have the ability to protect the hands from abrasion and impact. Most importantly, the gloves must stay on your hands during the crash and must have proper retention straps that firmly wrap around the wrist.

Suits, jackets and pants

To protect the torso and arms, riders must wear suitable clothing made from leather or similar abrasion resistant fabric that can protect the skin from abrasion. Very thick materials are most suited as it can withstand very high impact without giving way. When choosing the apparel, whether it is a jacket or pant or suit do not be a spendthrift but go for the best only which though costly, will never let you down. For leather jackets pay attention to the leather quality as well as the stitching quality and thickness.  To ward off rains and storm, take a similar approach in selecting waterproof membranes that can withstand nature’s fury without wilting. Once again be mindful of a good fit that offers complete protection with proper padding that acts like body armor.

Jacket Recommendations

  1. Material Mesh Jacket: Klim Induction – The Klim Induction coat was refreshed in 2017 and is a standout amongst the most practical, lightweight coats available. The shading is very obvious with included intelligent supplements that makes the rider simple to find in day or evening time traffic. The fit is cozy yet offers the rider enough space to wear a thicker layer of garments underneath the coat for additional glow on the cooler riding days. On the off chance that the evening temperatures warmth up, you can without much of a stretch expel them and enable the coat ventilation to keep you agreeable.
  2. 4-Season Textile Jacket: IXS Montevideo II – The Montevideo II has a greatest measure of capacity through inward and outer pockets while offering the rider a coat that can ridden in throughout the entire year. Whatever may happen, hot or cool, this coat means to do everything. Ventilation offer cooling throughout the late spring months and a removable warm liner offer layered warmth during the cool harvest time and winter months. Perceivability is incredible with retro-intelligent areas of the coats, and it additionally can connect to a lot of jeans to finish a full suit.
  3. Calfskin Jacket: Cortech Piuma – When somebody hears cowhide coats referenced, Marlon Brando may ring a bell. Calfskin coats offer extraordinary security and tough great looks, however with the expansion of work and defensive boards, it comes a flexible coat for all riders regardless of their style. The Cortech Piuma is produced using cowhide calfskin with tight-sew, high-stream work texture to build ventilation. Strengthened zippers on all pockets, wrists, and terminations offer security while riding, and intelligent texture on the external arms and back increment evening perceivability. You can likewise add extra protective layer to the Piuma whenever wanted.


To avoid any confusion about how strong the boots must be, consider your body weight and the weight of your motorcycle because when coming to rest, your one foot must bear the total load. Your foot and ankle are as much fragile as your hands and can get injured even in the most normal condition like playing ball sports not to talk about motorcycle accidents or crash. Selecting top end boots without minding the price would pay back well by protecting your foot from nasty injuries.


Extra Safety Gear to Consider

Since we have secured the nuts and bolts of cruiser gear, how about we plunge into extra wellbeing gear for your insurance.


  • Body Armor

Outside of the defensive layer gave in cruiser coats and jeans, there are included shield openings accessible that will work with your coat as well as jeans to build security. Most bike coats offer cushioning or effect obstruction at the midsection, on the back and chest, and at the shoulders and elbows. You can add to that insurance with a reinforced vest, a back defender, and even an airbag framework as you would discover in most more up to date vehicles and trucks. The key with these additional defensive layer vests or jeans is that they have to fit cozily to you with little development and easily inside the coat and jeans you are wearing them under. You may need to take your preferred riding coat and jeans to a retailer to attempt some body defensive layer on and get a vibe of the additional layer to ensure it’s the correct alternative for you.



  • Elbow/Shin/Knee Guards

Similarly as with the vests and jeans accessible, you can include extra security in the high effect regions like the elbows, shin, and knees. Most shield is customizable, so these can be fit to your particular body. These will again need to fit cozily to you without including an unwieldy layer that makes it hard to ride in.



  • Eye Protection

Regardless of on the off chance that you intend to ride with a full face or another adaptation of a head protector, you can generally include extra eyewear that will give eye insurance to all circumstances. Standard shades aren’t evaluated for effect security, nor do they shield your eyes from something coming behind the focal point and into your eye. In the event that you need something with a comparative fit to shades, there are eyewear choices that are evaluated for effect assurance and have a cushioning that shield from flotsam and jetsam interruption without weakening your fringe vision. In the event that you need something significantly progressively defensive, investigate a lot of motorcycling goggles. They will remain safely on your head and there are some fun styles that will coordinate your preferred riding coat.



  • Pants

Jeans are regularly a neglected riding gear in light of the fact that frequently riders think pants are satisfactory riding gear. Real cruiser riding Pants offer security from the earth just as ventilation and reinforcement in the in all likelihood puts that get contact. Perceivability is a key structure include, regardless of whether that is in a splendid shading plan or a retro-intelligent covering.

Similarly as bike coats come in various materials and styles, cruiser Pants are integral in that regard. Material, calfskin, denim, and kevlar are various materials utilized in Pants and they can be utilized independently or in mix with one another relying upon what riding style they are made for.

Most material Pants are planned as a moment layer over a lot of shorts or standard Pants. They can be an expansion to a coat that can shape a total suit, or just intended to be worn over your decent dress Pants while in transit to and from the workplace. Removable linings to include a layer of warmth are a possibility for cooler riding and can generally be expelled during the hotter riding months.

Past the auxiliary limit material Pants, there are sure styles in denim and cowhide that looks like the layer legitimately covering your skin. Denim is normally intertwined with another texture to build its grating obstruction on account of fall. Kevlar is normal in that regard, and there are some marked as ‘Kevlar Denim’ pants. Other denim styles may include segments of included insurance in the high effect regions.

Cowhide can be found in a lively style that includes grating knee pucks intended to contact the ground. For those that need to take riding to the edge, these Pants offer most extreme assurance in the butt, knees, and hips. There are less forceful styles in calfskin that more look like ordinary Pants, yet offer assurance for riding.

Discovering your ideal arrangement of riding Pants will include thought for what you intend to ride in, including climate, the length of ride, and what kind of cruiser you ride. Cowhide is incredible for security however through the span of a long ride, it might turn out to be less and less agreeable. Materials offer incredible security and ventilation, yet additionally aren’t the ideal Pants for each event either. You will likewise need to consider in the event that you lean toward wearing garments underneath the Pants, as they regardless of anything else need to fit easily in your ordinary riding position. They shouldn’t be excessively tight, ride up high uncovering the highest points of your boots, nor be too massive that make riding, moving, or ceasing unwieldy.


  • Hearing Protection

This is a region that most don’t understand until after a long ride and weakness has set in. Your ears, even within a head protector, are continually barraged by sound. Earplugs don’t need to be extravagant, and you can purchase a widespread pack at the supermarket that will work admirably. They will decrease the background noise (called static) from wind stirring over your cap. It will likewise decrease noisy hints of traffic, yet not to a dimension that makes you feel dangerous and unfit to hear what is around you.


Whew, that is a ton of bike gear alternatives to consider! On the off chance that you’ve known about individuals going through throughout the day taking a stab at a wedding dress, envision to what extent you could spend taking a stab at each bit of bike gear. The majority of your rigging is a venture, so dependably purchase as well as can be expected stand to remain protected and agreeable on each ride. Keep in mind, All The Gear, All The Time comes down to an incredible abbreviation, however it tends to be the distinction of an oh no minute and bolsters. Be sheltered out there!

The right gear will protect you not only from accidents but even the weather.


Bryce Newell is an automotive enthusiast who loves to write about the latest news, products, and DIY projects. While Bryce is an amateur in the field, he is passionate about cars and has been since he spent weekends in the garage helping his dad rebuild a 68 Dodge Charger as a kid.

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