7 Easy Garage Makeover Ideas

You may want to makeover your garage space for various reasons, whether it be due to clutter or you simply want something new. The process of upgrading your garage can make for a more organized space that won’t stress you when you enter it. You will have more space to put cars when you organize, a new space to work out or a cool place to hang.

It’s fairly easy to neglect your garage as you continue to use it as your overall storage. Many people usually don’t want to organize their garage space and don’t think about the possible ways to make space for other things. When you have an organized garage, it can serve many purposes. From storage to a workshop to sanctuary space. You must determine what kind of garage you want and what functions you want it to serve. Toss unnecessary items to improve practical space, even when doing a garage makeover you want to remove unwanted items, junk, and anything you don’t use or need.

It will take some time to complete your entire garage makeover but it will be well worth it in the end as you will feel like you have a newer home. Here are some upgrade and makeover ideas to help you create a clean and well-functioning garage.

Garage door upgrade

Garage doors are what people see first. If your door is bent or dirty it can look unattractive and become an eyesore every time you come home. You may want to replace it for other reason like it not working properly or it’s just simply not appealing. While you can make it simple and hire someone to install a new garage door but that can be extremely expensive. There are tips you should know when you want to go this route. Decide what kind of door you want and understand prices. Aluminum and wooden doors are the most expensive but give the best look. Some like carriage doors that swing open and if you don’t have the capacity to install these kinds of doors, there are options for look-a-likes that maneuver like regular garage doors.

Before upgrading and getting a new garage door installed consider the weather circumstances of your area. For example, garage doors are susceptible to wind damage and if you live in an area with hurricanes and strong winds, you may want to include extra bracing and heavy gauges to keep it intact. You’re paying a lot of money for it and you want it to last so you must think about all kinds of affecting circumstances.

If you’re paying someone to do this job for you, make sure to get a quote in person. This is to ensure you have no problems that may happen if you ordered one online, for instance. It takes a lot of labor to complete this task on your own, but if you’re willing to take it on make sure to set out at least a full day to complete it. You’ll need certain tools and materials to get the job done correctly. From cedar boards and rails to caulk, you will have to deal with special types of materials. Your equipment will include your hands and ladders to mechanical nailers and a power miter saw. You will use your power saw to ensure you have the correct shape and accurate cuts of the garage door type you ordered.

Read up on structural and safety factors to ensure you’re knowledgeable on how to properly install your new door. Understand that when you modify or upgrade a door in your home, warranties go out the door and you must take initiative to ensure it is weather tight sealed. Hanging your own door can be dangerous so, try to work with a partner to get it done safely.


Garage floor epoxy


garage floor epoxy


Some may feel as if their garage is unappealing due to something as simple as the flooring. If you want to upgrade your garage, you must think about the small things as well. Adding epoxy over your garage floor has many benefits. Not only will it make your garage look nicer but it is one of the hardest and most durable flooring for garages. Garages are used more often as alternative rooms and spaces rather than just places you park your car so, adding an epoxy coat to your floor will increase the look of your garage.

There are different types of epoxy coats that you can add and they are proficient in creating a good look for residential and commercial garages. From solid colors to custom colors and mixes, you have a variety of options to make your floor unique. Garage floor epoxy is applied as a coat onto your floor and must be added once it is clean and debris free. To apply epoxy you should start by buffering your floor to prep the surface. The buffer loosens old paint and creates scuffs that allow the epoxy coat to actually stick to your floor. Make sure that your floor doesn’t have any oil or grease as the coat will not stick. Once you clean your floor with a de-greaser, make sure to wait until it dries fully to make applying the epoxy coat easier.

Shelving and cabinets

garage storage

Shelving and cabinets are a perfect way to maximize the space of your garage. With certain types of shelving, you can make room for other things like more cars, or create a new sanctuary, movie room, workshop, or an all-around lounge area. The way you store the items in your garage determine how much space you have and how clean it looks. Use shelving for the things you need to access easily. You can install garage shelving by buying shelves from hardware stores and building them yourself. There are different types of shelving and you must determine what kind based on how much stuff you have and its weight.

You don’t want to buy plastic shelving if your trying to shelves a lot of heavy items as it can lead to cracks and bending creating an unappealing look. You may want to get steel shelving if you want to store those heavyweight objects. You could also add cabinets to your new garage to create a sleeker and private space. Garage cabinets are ideal for the items you want to lock away or store heavy duty items safely.

Pegboards are good for hanging tools and are perfect for those who want to change their garage into a workshop of some kind. There’s plenty of space for different size tools and equipment that you need to store safely when you decide to incorporate pegboards. Some people decide to store their items within containers on the ceiling. This option is ideal if you have a lot of things to put away and need extra space on the ground. Overhead garage storage is meant for the tools and items that aren’t used often, like seasonal decorations due to the extent you have to go through to get them down. Install them by getting correct measurements to lay out and install ceiling cleats. Whether you want to use wood or metal beams, the storage space you will gain will be tremendous.


The most simple thing you can do to add organization to your garage space is putting labels on certain things. This will create easy sorting and make it simple to find the things you need. Especially if you’re forgetful about where you put certain items, labeling them will make your memory seem less off. It won’t cost much to make your own labels with a labeler but you can make it simple by getting some masking tape and a marker.


Insulation is key in making sure your garage door can handle certain weathers and keep the temperatures of your garage at pleasant levels. It will keep your garage warm in the winter and cool in the summer. To increase the energy efficiency of your home adding insulation to your door helps more than you would think. You can pay a professional to do it for you or you can take time out to install it yourself. You must get the correct materials to ensure it is done correctly. There are insulation kits available for purchase to help you along the process. It takes two kits to insulate a garage door properly. Precise cutting should be done if you want a thicker type of insulation.

There are many different types of insulation like foam, batt, insulating foam sealant, and blown in insulation. Foam boards are the most ideal type of insulation meant for garages. After you have enough insulation squares for your door, you must get vinyl weather stripping to seal your garage door on the top and sides. You can find step by step guides online if you aren’t exactly sure about how it should be done.

You can insulate more than you door, insulation works for garage walls and ceilings. Though insulating the walls can get a little more complex than others due to the possibility of fire hazards. You can skip the wall if you don’t want to have the risk as they are already insulated within.

New garage wall system

Upgrading your wall system is a great way to help you increase space and help you organize any clutter you have. Using cleats you can complete a wall storage system within a short period of time. You can move part and items smoothly when you add clips and hooks. This is an inexpensive way to do a garage makeover. It is also for those who do not have too many items. If you add a wall system along with other forms of ways to increase space then you can maximize your garage space tremendously. You can easily hire or appoint someone to do this for you if you don’t have the skill or time. If you want to complete this project alone then you’ll need power tools like a power drill and saw.

The wall shelving system is for any kind of item and size. You could put small drills to large weed eaters to have easy access and organization. You will be able to truly customize your wall with this option and do what makes sense to you and your life.

Space-saving additions

There are other space-saving additions that can be done to create a garage makeover. You could input slide out shelves to increase the amount of space you have. These are ideal for items you will need to access easily. Not only are sliding cabinets effective they will give your garage a modern look. Tables that fold and garage workbenches are great for those who want to spend time in their garage and want to use it for reasons other than for cars.

Many people add hooks to their garage ceiling to have a neat place for bikes. Vehicles take up a lot of space and being able to put up and take down your bike will improve the efficiency of your new garage. Some people even go to the extent of adding garage decor to personalize their garage. From sports teams decorations to vinyl banners, there are many options to give your garage a unique flair.

There are ways to upgrade your garage that aren’t extremely expensive but if you want to create a drastic change you may have to spend a little money. You may want to take out a personal loan or look into a home equity line of credit. Both are good options to help you fund your new project.

Tips to get a loan for a garage makeover

get loan to renovate garage

To get a loan you must have you will need a decent credit score and debt to income ratio. Lenders check your credit to ensure they are making a good decision in letting you borrow money. Your credit score tells a lot about your financial history, so to make sure that you receive a personal loan make sure your credit shows that you are a well-paying citizen. You can uses personal loans for various things, including home improvements.

Browse and research the right options for you and make sure you pay attention to interest rates. Whether it is an online lender or a credit union, your credit is the main determinant in obtaining a personal loan.


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