Rockford Fosgate T20001BD Review

Rockford Fosgate T20001BD Review

Today We Review The : Rockford Fosgate T20001BD

The Rockford Fosgate T20001BD is for those who are really serious about great music. This amp costs more but delivers time and time again. This looks like a monster, and that is exactly what it is. It is one of the best amps on the market and delivers in terms of strength and performance.


Performance of the t2000 1BD

  • 1-ohm stable
  • At 4 Ohms, it delivers 1 x 750 watts RMS and is CEA-2006 compliant
  • At 2 Ohms it delivers 1 x 1,500 watts RMS
  • At 1 Ohm it delivers 1 x 2,000 watts RMS
  • Frequency Response: 20-300 Hz
  • BD Class tech
  • Requires 1/0-gauge ground and power leads (you will have to provide these)
  • Low-Pass filter is variable between 32 to 250 HZ and 24 dB//Octave
  • Bass is Para-Punch EQ and comes with a wired remote control
  • MOSFET Phase control is variable between 0° and 180°
  • Outputs and supplies are T power
  • Mounting makes use of MEHSA tech to channel heat away from your MOSFET output device and into a heat sink. This allows for operation at higher power levels, less chance of smoking your amp and a far more consistent level of performance 80% of the ground loop noise generated between the amp itself and the head.
  • Differential inputs make use of TOPAZ tech to get rid of as much as
  • TRANS-ana circuitry helps to keep the preamp signal clear
  • NOMAD tech provides constant monitoring of temperatures, current, impedance, and voltage and can shut the system down if danger levels are reached. The shut-down protocol is “intelligent†and aims to limit interference in the performance of the system.
  • Has a cooling fan
  • A second amp can easily be attached
  • Onboard fuse with a rating of 250 amps



What makes this amp different to similar ones on the market is that none of the others incorporate all of this tech. We would put money down that you will not get a better amp for the price.

Rockford Fosgate has gone to extreme lengths to deliver a top-notch amp that will literally blow you away. The level of customization available on this model cannot be beaten.

Also, of interest is the way the system deals with heat transfer. In fact, since heat build-up is one of the primary reasons that amps do fail, it is probably safe to say that this is one of the most important distinguishing features.

This amp is highly effective at dealing with heat transfer, and so you don’t have to worry as much about smoking the amp.

And, last, but certainly not least, this amp looks really cool. With a brushed chrome finish, there is not much chance that people admiring the sound system will miss it. And, that’s partially the point, isn’t it?


Drawbacks of the Rockford Fosgate T2000

Be prepared for some sticker shock. This model is not cheap by any definition of the word. If you are on a tight budget, this actually may be too much of a stretch.

But don’t be put off by the price. You are getting all the features to match and then some. You will quickly be able to see where they have spent the money. The performance of this amp is amazing.

If you are serious about your car system, or if you want to have the best sound experience of your life, this is not actually all that pricey.


Final Verdict

This system is more suited to a serious enthusiast than a casual user. It has as much power as you could possibly want but could be considered overkill on a standard car stereo system. If you are going to get this, you have a duty to go all the way and complement it with the perfect set of subs.

If this is a little more “punch” than you bargained for, check out our top 10 list of amps for some other great choices.




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