JL Audio Jx500 1D Review

JL Audio Jx500 1D Review


When it comes to getting a decent sound system in your vehicle, you need to be willing to shell out a few bucks. But do you have to sell a kidney to get yourself a drool-worthy car audio system? JL Audio does not think so.

Their company has a simple mission – to provide quality sound equipment at a reasonable rate. The JL Audio Jx500 1D Amp is just another way that they have been showing this commitment. It provides quality output to really amp up the bass and improve your sound experience.



This is not a high-priced model, so you would be forgiven for wondering whether or not the performance would be anything to write home about. A lot of people would look at the specs and the price and be a little skeptical.

However, if you need to power a 500-Watt sub, this amp will do the job and do it very well at the same time. You get to crank up the volume quite a bit without worrying about it overheating too fast and still get a relatively lossless performance.

This amp could go toe to toe with a lot of the more expensive models out there in terms of sound quality and won’t disappoint. It isn’t the biggest, baddest amp out there, but it still delivers a kickass performance.

Paired with the right sub, this amp will take you far and is an excellent introduction to superior sound quality and value. It is not an extremely high-performing system by professional standards, but it will be perfect for those who want some extra power and have a limited budget.

Its specs are:

  • Power handling of 340 RMS at 4 Ohms, 500 watts RMS at 2 Ohms
  • The power supply is a PWM switching type and unregulated.
  • It features a soft start so that there are no distracting noises when it switches on.
  • A variable bass boost of up to 12dB.JL Audio Jx500 1D
  • You can choose to add a remote control if you like.



The design is what really sets this amp apart from its competition in the same price range. At 2 Ohms, it is able to push through 500 watts RMS power. It is a Class D amp with a high-efficiency rate, so you do not have to worry much about overheating it.

It has a compact design making it easy to install and will blend in well. But it is more than just a pretty face. It is also very tough, featuring a MOFSET design that keeps the power flowing smoothly. It will power up your sub without fluctuations in energy levels that distract from the performance.

The response range in terms of frequency is pretty good as well. The range is between 10 Hz and 150 Hz so you can get some real depth of sound when it comes to bass. The low-pass filter features a cutoff frequency of between 50 Hz and 200 Hz. You also have a variable bass boost.

The company recommends using a 60 Amp fuse if you are installing multiple amps. It also suggests using four-gauge leads. Neither item is included with your amp.



That, and the fuse, mean that you have a little more leeway than with other JL Audio models. It is not suited to mid-range frequencies, so you will are not going to be able to power every single speaker in your car with it.

It is also more of an entry-level model, and not considered competition-grade. Those with serious sound systems will consider this model a little too tame.

However, if you want something that a more serious competitor would consider more appropriate, you better be willing to shell out a whole lot more money for it.

It is worth doing a cost-benefit analysis here. What are your aims? If you are looking for better sound, this amp delivers in spades. Pair it up with a good sub, and you have the beginnings of a decent sound system that will be enough to meet the needs of most users.


Final Verdict

Overall, this is a good buy for the price that you are going to pay. It is highly affordable and performs exceptionally well even when pushed fairly hard. You will notice is that it is highly efficient at dispersing heat and that it puts out a nice, steady current.  

It is an entry-level model, so it is not ideal for a hardcore bass-head. That said, it will create more than enough thump for most users and give you a taste of what a really great amp can do for sound quality. If you enjoy music, it is an excellent addition to your car audio system.

Considering the power it puts out, the JL Audio Jx500 1D is a bargain at the price – you would typically pay a lot more for this kind of quality.


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