What’s the Best High Mileage Oil for Your Car?

What’s the Best High Mileage Oil for Your Car?

Unless you happen to be one of the most meticulous car owners on the planet, sooner or later your engine will show signs of wear that need to be dealt with.

As your car starts getting beyond 75,000 miles, this could be a good time to start using better oil, particularly what is called a high mileage oil. These have additives that keep aged engines better lubricated and protect your seals. The chance of sludge buildup is significantly reduced, extending the life of your engine.

So the big question is which high mileage oil is the best? We will take a look at 5 high mileage oils to give you some options, and maybe you can find the right one for your car. First, let’s tackle a common myth about synthetic oil.

Myth: “Once You Use Synthetic Oil, You Can’t Go Back To Using Regular Oil”

Contrary to popular belief, you can definitely use regular motor oil after using synthetic. In fact, experts say you can switch back and forth without any negative impact to your engine.

Related to this is whether or not you can mix the two. If you’re in an emergency situation and you have no other choice, you can get by without any harm. But generally speaking, it is highly recommended that you use one or the other, not both.

Mobile 1 High Mileage OilMobile 1 High Mileage Oil

Your engine has rubber seals that keep oil from leaking out of your engine, but these can lose their power to seal after many miles. This synthetic oil contains a seal conditioner that lengthens the life of your seals so they will not break. Mobile 1 HM Oil is also formulated to resist high engine temps, so you could say that it can “take the heat”.

Mobile 1 Super High Mileage Oil

This oil is basically our #1 pick on steroids. If you frequently encounter tough driving conditions then you want high mileage oil that will stand up to those rigors, and protect your engine at the same time. As you’d expect, it has a seal conditioner, prevents the building up of sludge and reduces wear in your engine. Best of all, your engine will use less oil, which is a huge factor in keeping your engine’s life longer.

Amsoil Extended Life Synthetic Motor OilAmsoil Extended Life Synthetic Motor Oil

The appeal to this high mileage oil is simple. It will give you similar protection like others, but it also allows you to change your oil less frequently. So if you’re changing your oil every 3,000 miles, you could go as long as 6,000 miles for the next one.

Castrol GTX High Mileage 20W-50

This motor oil has a special distinction – it’s formulated to prevent catalytic converter failure. Phosphorus is a common ingredient in motor oil because of its engine wear protecting properties. But it can kill your catalytic converter. So the folks at Castrol patented a phosphorus alternative, allowing you to get the same protection while preventing failure of your catalytic converter.

Pennzoil High Mileage Vehicle OilPennzoil High Mileage Vehicle Oil

Designed for new or later model vehicles, this oil contains the usual seal conditioners and engine wear preventers. But it also cleans out existing motor oil sludge from your engine – something not promised by other motor oils – and reduces your engine’s consumption of oil.


These happen to be the current most popular high mileage oils. But you may have other brands in your area better suited for your car – and your wallet.


All the same, we hope this article has proven to be helpful for you.




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