Is It Safe to Dry Your Car with A Leaf Blower: Myths and Facts Revealed?

Is It Safe to Dry Your Car with A Leaf Blower: Myths and Facts Revealed?

If you have a leaf blower, probably you use it to get rid off the leaves in winter and spring. This certainly limits the use of the blower in a one-season cleaning tool. However, some people are experts in using the leaf blower that they even apply to dry their car.

Yes, they do, although you may think it weird. To be honest, I have seen many car owners drying their vehicle with a leaf blower for managing the task fast. I have also seen people being reluctant about the use of blowers for the purpose claiming it will damage the paint.

So, today we are going to investigate the myths and facts about whether it is safe to dry your car with a leaf blower. Also, we will cover the drying precautions and steps for car drying with a leaf blower in case you are confident of performing it with the blower.

Are Leaf Blowers Safe To Dry Your Fav Car?

We all know that car painting is sophisticated. And complaints are not rare that while washing or drying cars with rags or microfiber cloths, owners have seen scratches on the beautiful car body. It happens because the direct contact with the car body, no matter how soft cloth or what drying technique you prefer, will most likely increase the chances of scratches.

And it is a proven fact!

You can’t bypass it even with the softest material since still, you need to touch the paint. So, why not use a safer option? Why not dry the car without touching it?

Yes, you can leave the car to dry off naturally. Not a good idea! It will take a lot of time , so not practical either. So, what do you do?

Moment of Genius- Use a less powerful blower, a leaf blower!

Yes, in most cases, the leaf blowers operate with low PSI and strength. So, these seriously lack the motor power to cause any scratches on the paint surface. Who told you lacking is not right, sometimes this is useful, you see!

Also, leaf blowers will dry off the car from a distance that also works as a safeguard. So, it is pretty safe to say-

A leaf blower with less power and perfect distance from the car is Safe and Best Choice to dry the car. But you will need to know the proper steps on how to dry a car with the leaf blower.

Don’t worry. We have it covered for you.


Why Should You Use a Leaf Blower for Drying Car?

Before we leap and bounds on the tricks to dry your car effortlessly using the leaf blower, why not see the advantages of blow-dry?

Safety Issues

I have already told you that you can dry the car body without even touching it with a leaf blower. This will significantly safeguard the car paint. Also, cars these days come in immaculate swirl-finish. And no matter how powerful the air is, it can’t damage the swirl-finish.

Speedy Dry

We are busy people and love quickening our work each bit. The leaf blower does this with perfection. To speak the truth, the powerful modern-day blowers can dry cars in less than one minute. It’s almost 10X faster than any conventional drying technique.

So, with a leaf blower, get the job done quickly. Save some valuable moments!

Perfect Drying

Imagine you are lying beside your sports car, trying to reach the nooks and crannies to dry the places. Neither the scenario looks pleasing, nor is it good for your back. You can, however, effectively, access all these hard to reach parts of your car with the high-pressure blower air to quickly dry them.

So, a leaf blower brings perfection to drying work. Also, it allows you to clan without bending the back.

Cost Effective

Most people will use a microfiber cloth to dry their car after washing. While these clothes work brilliantly, they can often be costly. On top of it, you will need to replace the microfiber cloth from time to time since it will be worn out.

While you probably have a leaf blower at home already. So, why not take advantage of it?

Tricks to Use Leaf Blowers Effectively to Dry Your Car

  1. Your blower needs to be powerful when drying the car body. So, choose a leaf blower with at least 200MPH air blowing speed. Also, make sure the CFNM (Cubic-Foot Per Minute), which describes the amount of air blowing, is in optimal condition.
  2. Instead of drying the car directly with the leaf blower, first, rinse off the body with a garden hose. It will save time and better dry the car.
  3. Sometimes the leaf blower nozzle may contain grime, debris, and dust. If not cleared before drying your car, these dust and debris will take a toll on the car body only to worsen your work. So, make sure the blower is neat and clean.
  4. While working with the corded leaf blowers, move the cord carefully. It shouldn’t be over the car body and, thus, cause unwanted scratches on the paint.
  5. Don’t use the gas-powered leaf blowers in a closed area like a garage. The fume emission from the blower will only worsen the car condition making it dirty.
  6. While you work on the car, choose a wet place. This will exempt you from the dust blowing from the ground. Throw a few drops of water if you are going to work on a concrete floor.
  7. Leaf blowers are often noisy. So, wear ear protectors if possible. Alternatively, you can use pieces of cotton.

The Bottom Line

So, here our verdict; a leaf blower is not only safe but also one of the most useful machines when it comes to car drying. It’s fast, straightforward, and efficient. So, next time you hear anyone saying leaf blowers will harm car paint, tell them that they have been misdirected.

You may even show them this article. And as we sign off, wish you good luck with your car drying. Also, when you drive, stay safe, and drive safely.


Bryce Newell is an automotive enthusiast who loves to write about the latest news, products, and DIY projects. While Bryce is an amateur in the field, he is passionate about cars and has been since he spent weekends in the garage helping his dad rebuild a 68 Dodge Charger as a kid.

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