7 Automotive Fleet Trends to Expect in 2020

7 Automotive Fleet Trends to Expect in 2020

The technological revolution has hit the automotive sector. Everything is happening to improve user experience so that people can enjoy an exclusive driving experience. There would be the same traditional cars but with the essence of the internet of things and artificial intelligence. Shortly, you would notice, connected cars and vehicle to traffic technology.

Do you have any idea about traffic jams while driving? Well, the smart technological innovation would give a heads up of any jams once you pin your location. Believe it or not, but is changing the dynamics of the automotive sector to a huge extent. In case you are wondering how? Here are the top 7 trends in the automotive sector.

1.    Software Management System

These days almost every automotive company is thriving to make room for technology in some way or the other. Most of them are giving a shot to automotive software management tools to keep a check in balance on the continuing business practices. It gives an insight into revenue streams, customers, and site operations.

Usually, companies are downloading these management apps to stay ahead of everything. Surprisingly, there is an app for customers, too; you can catch a glance at their feedback and open yourself to suggestions. Besides, customers can also make car bookings, appointments for repairs, and car maintenance. However, this program is not for everyone; only the admin or manager can control it.

2.    Vehicle Health Monitoring

What if your car is not feeling well? Even though it is a not living thing, health issues are guaranteed. You might witness the car engine overheating suddenly or breaks, turning very hard. Honestly, these problems don’t come knocking the doors, rather all of a sudden. So, rather than running to the workshop before heading to the office, search for vehicle health monitoring.

This is another incredible invention in the automotive sector. Surprisingly, this system would be connected to your car, telling you about problems beforehand while also guiding you to the nearby workshop or Walbro fuel pump. Do you know what the best part is? It also monitors the driver’s health, giving insights about heart rate, blood pressure, and even fatigue level. There are several sensors attached to the steering wheel and car seat that help in monitoring health.

3.    Digital Practices

Digital marketing has changed things. Similarly, it is no different for the automotive industry. Many websites are offering online car selling and purchasing services. Many companies have also made their own websites, allowing people to purchase and make payments online. The option of booking a car is also available, improving user experience.

It would unmask every feature of the car, giving you a virtual insight into everything through videos and pictures. If you are wondering about the exchange of documents, then it also happens online. You can send a scanned copy of all the required documents through email, or you can mail it too. Besides, there are separate websites for selling and buying second-hand cars.

4.    Electric Cars

Who thought cars would run without petrol? The invention of electric cars is helping you escape those overwhelming fuel costs. It runs on a battery that is rechargeable through electricity. Many companies are working on these cars to come up with a model, offering everything that people need. Besides, it also helps in combating pollution because there is no gas emission. Hence, technology is helping move towards a cleaner environment.

Besides, hybrid cars are already running successfully in the market. They are operated by both fuel and battery. It uses fuel for a particular level of speed and switches to battery after a desired level of speed. Thus, it does help in saving fuel costs but not by a great proportion. However, these are quite expensive, so you will have to see whether your budget gives a green signal for it or not.

5.    Connectivity in Devices

Have you imagined a car driving itself? Well, you must have seen this happen in movies, but you will soon witness this in real life. Innovators are moving towards connected devices through the help of artificial intelligence and the internet of things. It is using GPS and Bluetooth to enable users to control devices by making a few clicks. However, they are continuing research on this topic to see whether the human-machine interface would be of any use or not.

Moreover, these smart features would have control over everything. It would make the car slow down right when the signal is nearby. The car stops on a red signal, starts the engine on orange light, and starts moving on the green light automatically. Similarly, it would guide you through high traffic areas, helping you reach the destination quickly. It also

6.    Truck Platooning

Trucks and cargos with public transport cause a lot of hustle for drivers. It not only increases the number of accidents but is one of the biggest reasons for traffic jams. Therefore, the feature of truck platooning is resolving this problem. It guides the truck drivers to drive behind each other at a steady speed through the vehicle to vehicle communication.

Usually, there is one leader truck, and every truck has to follow the same direction and route. This system helps in managing cargo transport with public transport without any trouble. It is the first step to encourage freight transport on roads at any time in the day.

7.    Usage-Based Insurance

Industries and sectors would lag behind in the race if they fail to incorporate technology. Thus, insurance companies are also having a good time working with technology; they are using the internet of things to come up with new insurance tactics and strategies. Lately, they came up with usage-based insurance for cars. It calculates insurance based on the distance traveled.

At the same time, they also look at the driver’s performance before deciding the insurance cover. Basically, it is a practice to encourage people to move towards safe driving because, in case of more serious accidents, insurance companies would cut back on the cover. Besides, you can explore different categories of these insurance programs too. They are offering ‘pay on how you drive’ and pay on the distance you travel,’ allowing people to pick options pertinent to their interests.


Every industry is moving at a fast pace to accommodate technology. It is high time that you also prepare yourself for it. The automotive industry is making the utmost efforts to bring what is best for customers. So, if you want to see what is coming up in a few years. Look above to see the top trends of the automotive sector.


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