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P400-4 Punch Rockford Fosgate

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Rockford Fosgate boasts as one of the best car amps available on the market. Rockford has built a reputation for designing and manufacturing high-performance and high-quality audio equipment. Its amps are designed with a sleek-looking and innovative design, durable platform, and power. The Rockford Fosgate prime series and the punch series stand out most among the different models of Rockford car amps.

The R600X5 Prime Rockford Fosgate Amp

The R600X5 model of Rockford Fosgate car amps is one of the most reliable and powerful car amps in the market. Its RMS power rating comes in different variants including 4 ohms, 2 ohms, bridged 4 ohms, and bridged 2 ohms. It boasts of being a 5-channel amp with a 4 ohms load impedance capability. Its maximum RMS power output is 600 watts RMS and has a bass boost of 0-6-12 12 dB at 45 Hz. The R600X5 prime can power four speakers with a power output of 50 watts RMS each, and at the same time sending 200 watts RMS to a subwoofer. Its heavy aluminum chassis assists in heat dissipation, making it offer peak performance and functionality at optimal temperature. These features make it one of the more reliable 5 channel amplifiers.

The R600X5 Prime Rockford Fosgate Amp

Rockford Fosgate R600X5 Prime 5-Channel Amplifier

The R500-1D Prime Rockford Fosgate Amp

The R500-1D model in the prime series of Rockford Fosgate car amps is a single channel amp that offers a power output of 500 watts RMS. Such power is reliable in any size of vehicles. It features a MOSFET power supply system and RCA outputs that ensure it functions on demand. Its remote level control and onboard bass offer custom sound control. The features that stand out most in this model are its support for plug and play connections and its ease of mounting in a vehicle’s interior.

The P100X5 Punch Rockford Fosgate Amp

The P100X5 model features a power rating in four variants including 4 ohms, 2 ohms, bridged 4 ohms and bridged 1 ohm. It also stands out as a five channel amp with a load impedance capability of 4 ohms. Its maximum power output is 500 watts RMS. Its bass boost is 0-18 dB at 45 Hz. The outstanding capabilities of this model include its high and low pass filters, and one can switch it from a five to a three channel mode.

The P400-4 Punch Rockford Fosgate Amp

The P400-4 Rockford Fosgate car amp offers a power output of 400 watts over its four channels to power several speakers with ease. It is designed for full compatibility with car audio systems and subwoofers. The P400-4 model also features a MOSFET power supply system that offers the ultimate in dependability and quality. Its most outstanding feature is LED lights mounted on the top that facilitate quick connections, allowing a user to keep watch on the performance of individual speakers.

There are more great Rockford Fosgate car amps out there. However, these are a few good options that stand out among the rest. You will surely find an amp that satisfies your audio needs and fulfills your desire for soul-shaking sound from these models.

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