Auto News Center is your source for automotive news and reviews from automotive enthusiast Bryce Newell. While Bryce is not a mechanic or automotive worker, his passion for the industry is unsurpassed!

Since the age of 5, Bryce and his father have enjoyed “fixing” old cars and spending time at car shows, swap meets, and their local race track. While cars are Bryce’s main passion, he also enjoys motorcycles, UTVs, and Jet Skis. Come to think of it, Bryce likes just about anything that sounds good or goes fast.

Bryce is a Mopar lover but he covers other brands here as well. At the end of the day, Bryce is just writing about what he enjoys and hoping to share that passion with you. Whether through news, opinion pieces, or reviews of practical home tools and equipment for his fellow car lovers.

-Bryce “Mopar or No Car” Newell